Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How To Make Your Wardrobe Shine Again? | Fashion Tips

Since the winter is coming, I decided to share a few styles with you, that will make your wardrobe shine again. If you're feeling like you need some spicy details to enhance your winter outfit, I'm ready to help you!

So, let's get started:
#1 Your wardrobe is craving colors!
Start with pastels. In order to feel beautiful, one must be bright (so shine like a diamond)! We all know what is already a fact - pastels are popular, and I'm in love with them! Choose a pastel coat, it will make a huge difference on how you look & feel. If a coat is too much for you, then go with the pastel bag. Those are easy to style and they are a statement piece, just add some basic colors to it, like black, white or gray and you're done.
#2 Velvet.
Do I have to say anything about this one? :D There are so many options when it comes to velvet, slip dress, shirt, jacket, or maybe boots, just go with the flow! Bold or pastel, it will work amazingly. You know that I ordered this dress as a slip dress, but instead I got a bodycon, but either way it's such a great purchase. You can mix styles, casual, sporty or elegant. So, if you are in doubt with what to do, I encourage you to say yes to the dress!
#3 Animal print.
This one is for the brave. Though it could be tricky to style it, results are amazing! Just remember, don't go crazy with them! Less is more. You can experiment with details on shoes, clothes or scarves... If you decided to wear pieces in one whole print, be aware that they don't get along with other details in animal print.
#4 Lace.
Lace is everything these days. Fashion industry indicates it's approprite to wear a bra and a blazer. For me that's too much, but I love the presence of lace. On a dress, blazer, blouse, everywhere! It's the same thing like with the animal print, don't push it, it could look cheap. In case you go with it, choose quality pieces.
#5 Ruffles!
You could predict that this one is going to come, right? Haha. As I mentioned before, I'm really into this trend. So, if you are feeling like you are stuck in the middle, that everything is boring.... Go with ruffles! On sleeves, skirts, around neck.. It's romantic, elegant and chick.
I hope that I inspired you to add some sugar and spice and stuff that are nice to your wardrobe! What's your favourite?


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Photography: Jelena Đukić


  1. Beautiful outfit and love the pictures too.

  2. I've never really been a fan of velvet but it looks stunning on you! Very bold style recommendations..I like it!

  3. Stunning colours and outfit, and great tips for this season! Will definitely be needing a new wardrobe when I get back from my travels!

  4. Thank you for sharing babe!
    Let me tell you, when the holidays are around the corner, I pull out all the ruffles and velvet from my closet hehe. It's just so fitting!
    Wish I could pull off animal prints though !!


  5. Hello dear!!
    You have a beautiful style. Eternal and stylish.I love velvet it's extremely elegant!!!
    Nice photos


  6. AHHH babe you look SO amazing!!! That jacket sleeve detail is on point!

  7. I agree! Winter craves colors, not the opposite. We need to lighten this season up with colors and fun fashion which you've done with this elegant outfit capturing the essence of December grace! Your pictures are truly mesmerizing! :)


  8. This is such a great post! Love that you suggested adding color, texture, and ruffles! I myself am OBSESSED with ruffles at the moment! Love the lace detailing on your sleeves.

    xx freshfizzle

  9. I totally agree with this all! Lace, velvet and colours is a MUST in every girls wardrobe!!

    Helen xx

  10. Aww I really love and enjoy this kind of useful post dear! sometimes I get bored of my closet and I don´t know how to wear when we change of season! I specially love ruffles for this season too! You look adorable and I love this blush Jacket! Kisses


  11. Love the details on this jacket! The lace touch made it extra feminine. Love it so much!

    Xx, Jessie

  12. First of all you look great and secondly I totally agree on all your suggestions for this season. I cannot get enough of ruffles and animal print this winter. Thanks for sharing babe! XxShalini

  13. I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to fashion. Colors, velvet, lace, animal print and ruffles are some of my favorite things to wear. I also think you look incredible in every photo! Beautiful girl!

    Love, Liz

  14. You're right! My wardrobe really is craving color and velvet! I'm seeing so much of it right now. Also love that textured bag. Thanks for the inspiration! I need to go out and get more color.

  15. Such great tips for revamping any wardrobe! I love all the trends and still need to find some of them to add to my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspo! ❌❤️

  16. Oh my gosh! I'm just loving the blush tones right now - thank you for the inspo babe!

  17. I ma SO in nede to update my wardrobe, but I feel like it doesn't matter how much old stuff I clean out. Its still packed and full with too much stuff. HELP haha.
    I have definitely gotten more into colors lately and accessories heavily with colors and different textures.

    Sofia http://aloveaffairblog.com

  18. You hit all the major winter trends Ana! And I love how you broke each trend down so easily. I'm seriously in love with all winter trends at the moment. Especially VELVET! And it's so important to remember that these trends can be mixed and matched. Style this season is about edge and romance. And it's so fun to take advantage!

    Lacey | www.stateoflace.com

  19. I'm loving all of these trends for winter- I just bought a ruffly lace camisole last night!