Blog is the best thing that ever happened to me! It had inflence on me in the best possible way. Blog is my baby, my safe place where I get to share with you everything that I love. Place where I can express my creativity. It's some kind of a life project to me as it is the only thing that I stayed loyal to through all of these years. I was one of those kids who couldn't just stay on one sport, I needed to try everything from basketball to tennis.
Blogging is changing enourmously, just like all social media and you need to keep up with it. For me that's the whole beauty of it. You are constantly on the move, it's never boring!
Let's get down to bussines! Today I wanted to share with you few tips when it comes to blogging, from writing to collaborating with brands.
Okay, so I will start with the most important one:

Think longterm!
So, you got an email from a brand saying that they want to work with you. They will pay you xx euros and all you have to do is to promote it on the blog or Instagram. My advice would be to think before replying. Wait for one or two days, think through if that is something you are aiming for, does that represent you or your work? What would your readers say? Does it fit into your concept? Don't let money blind you. Always stay true to yourself! To sum it up, always think longterm and about the whole concept that you are offering. That is always more valuable and appreciated than money, you will spend it on something after all. On the other hand, your credibility will be ruined forever. The next one is just a sequel of this rule.

Don't say yes to everything!
Just don't. Be strategic, and ask yourself twice do you really need that. It would be silly to have a sponsored post about drip pan on a fashion blog, right? The truth is you are there because of your followers and they would be quiet in shock if you would come up with that. Again, don't let money blind you, because it can never be good to go against yourself and it can't last too long.
Stand up for yourself, if you don't like something that they are offering, just say it politely. It's very important to have an attiude from the very beggining so they will respect you. Don't forget that it’s always up to you! They need you, not opposite. I don't mean this in a selfish or narcisstic way. Just in the terms that you need to show attitude or they will treat you like they want to.

  If you accept it do it right.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a begginer or not, do it nicely. In one of the previous posts I talked about fashion blogger programs. If they accept you they will send you clothes in exchange for a review on the blog. Depending on your blog they may ask you for a wish list first  to check your traffic. I noticed that a lot of girls do literally what they ask for. You don't have to, don't be like everyone else. You can name your post like you want to and you don't need to talk about it through the whole post. You just need photos and unique links at the end, and that's all. Same goes with wish list, your post doesn't have to be named like that. You can post your regular outfit post and in the end you can give some suggestions on how to wear that skirt/dress and put all links in there. Make it pretty and let it fit in your theme.

For the sponsored post, the hardest part is to arrange everything so that the both sides are fine with it. But once you got it, everything else is piece of cake. So, don't forget to show attitude and make rules. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and that all right. That's life and that's how you get experience.

 Stay true to yourself! Be unique.
People don't want to read copy/pastes. They want to read you because you are weird & funny and you have an amazing style. So embrace yourself and don't be afraid to show it! That's why people are going to come back, for you. Be weird, be you, never settle for something less than your true self. Write about what you love, just go with the flow! And be consistent, that's very important (I guess in today's post everything is important, haha). You need them to get used to stop by every week and you can't disappear. Once when you do it it's hard to get back on the track.

 Don't forget to have fun!
In the end, point of the whole journey is to have fun. Enjoy every minute of it! Learn, fail, learn again, create, succeed, have fun. On and on!

I hope you found some of these tips useful!

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