Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 Goals

After we recapitulated 2016 It's time for goals for 2017! This time we will talk in general, not just about blog plans. I'm not a big fan of "New Year, new me" philosophy, but I think it's great way to see what we learned and achieved through past year and to start making plans for new one.

Let's get started!

Life plans
- To be more grateful. If there’s  something I learned this year it is that we are very lucky. I know it sounds super cheesy, but it's so true. We live in the world of war and deadly dieses, and we are healthy. We have a place to live, we can go out whenever we like. I think we should be grateful for that every morning! We should apprecciate everything we have so we can be ready to have more. I don't want to sound like a lunatic, but you get my point.

- To be more positive and don't complain. From when I was very young I was really pessimstic. Yep, that sounds so damn strange. I learned to be positive and it's so funny to remember that so many little and stupid things got me so upset. I guess my mom should get all credits for it. She is the most positive person on the planet. She taught me to laugh at the bad things/situations I can't change. And you know, life is so much prettier when you laugh. Laugh at yourself! Your insecurities, things that bother you! Always be positive, I learned that it really is "The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts". It sounds so normal and everyday but it's so true! When you think positive you attract it. It's very important to surround yourself with positive people and if you are in a bad place you should really think of about people that are around you. Let that be the goal for this year as well. Remember, quality over quantity, I think that’s something we learn as we grow. You don't need a bunch of people, just a few of them.

- To put myself in the right track when it comes to university. To let go of the guilt. It's hard to side hustle when you are at university. You can't really give 100% of yourself and that's what’s eating me. I’m constantly trying to balance and to get rid off that guilt. I always get offended when someone asks me about my uni, without anyone being rude or mean, it's just about me, how I feel about it. I'm little better at it, but in 2017 I want to get rid off that feeling once and for all! I want to stand behind my university and blog, hard on the ground. Head up and full of confidence.

To become a morning person! (Just wait for Monday blues :D) As I told you in the last post, I'm so not a morning person. I do everything at night, from studying to my blog work. It's like I’m alive after midnight, please tell me I'm not the only one? For the sake of my life and good habits, I need to change it. I need to be able to get up early in the morning and not feel like I was run over by a bus. That leads us to going  to bed earlier (now it's 00:30, so I'm okay, I have 30 more minutes, baby step, guys!).

To start working out regularly. Remember when I said I easily give up on something? Sports, maybe? Yup, you got me. I start runing for one month regularly and then I stop for three months. I need a routine that will work from me, I need that, I want to work on myself. Which means less cake Ana, #guiltyascharged. I said it publicly, so I need to do it!

To be more confident about myself. I'm much, much better than in 2015, but as you are growing you are learning, right? I want to walk in the room confidently not thinking about why people are looking at me. I instantly think that something is wrong with me, but they are probably just looking at what I'm wearing.  So, I want to get over it and not even think about that.

Blog plans
- I want to post as often as I can and I need to have an exact plan that will work for me and my uni. That would mean, by no exception, shooting only on weekends and writing through week. I want to offer you good and interesting content! I want to take my outfit posts on the next level. I'm always on the hunt, for something new, different. I'm not sure yet, what it will be, but I will get there.

- This one will be really challenging, I want to have a monthly planner of posting, but the one that will really work. The one that won’t be too hard for me to handle, so I can pull my shit together and just stick to it.  At the beginning will be very hard, I know but it should get easier.

Start my You Tube channel, again. I know, I said that last year and only made one video. Problem with me is that when I start something I really want to do it perfectly. That leads to this: I need to have good equipment (lighitng, camera & microphone) and I want to be regular. My philosophy was, better not post anything then post in poor quality or iregular. I have sooo many ideas for videos. From make up, my battle with acne to fashion videos. I'm still figuring out, how I would post everything. One video a week and three posts on the blog, or 2-2. Still not sure. I'm still figuring out everything and writing it down. But this will be my year for me, You Tube here I come!

- I want to redesign my blog. But, a real redesign, I'm talking about custom made template. Which means I need to know exactly what I want, which I don't. I have few ideas, but it needs to come slowly and I need to be prepared, because I want everything to be perfect! 

- Changing my blog name is one of the next steps as well. Beauty stuff by Ana is so damn stupid (please think about your blog name before you open one!). That one is going to be real tough, I tried few times to just sit and explore and search for it. I ended up with thousands (crossed) words and potential names, they were either stupid or taken. So be smarter, choose your name wisely!

Congrats! You made it to the end! That was a hell of a long one. I hope I didn't forget anything  and killed you with my goals. What are your goals for 2017?

P.S. I will keep you updated about everything, especially with the workout one. Don't hesitate to warn me if you see to much of cakes on Instagram

Photo: Jelena Đukić


  1. I like your call for positivity. I often fall into negative space and get very critical of myself. I had a hard time choosing a name when I started - plus as we blog we evolve and our focus can shift. I have to work on rebranding myself this year too. Good luck!

  2. This is a great post! I like how you specify each one step by step. You have amazing plans to work on and I wish you the best for 2017!! Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

    Xx, Gina

  3. Hey Darling, Very Nice Plans and Totally Agree with To Be more Positive and Less Complain! I think this is very Important:)
    My Goals are Travel More, Meditate More and Help more:)
    Love Kisses

  4. keeping up a youtube channel is so hard.. I wanted to start one but I just couldn't get the right equipment together and I'm not patient enough to learn how to edit videos haha.. I'm looking forward to a new blog name if you make one :)

  5. dopdaju mi se tvoje zelje!

    sve najbolje u novoj godini, puno zdravlja ljubavi i srece!

  6. I'm totally not a morning person either so don't worry you're totally not the only one! When I started working from home, I found it incredibly difficult to wake up early. I quickly realized, however, how important it was to set myself "normal" office hours, otherwise I'd burn out. So 7 o'clock wake up call it is! Best of luck in all your endeavors for the new year! I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous posts for 2017!

    xo, Jo

  7. To wake up earlier is definitely my goal. Since I'm a full time blogger, I stay late and wake up very late too. Very bad! Loved reading your post

  8. Starting the year off on a positive note is such a perfect healthy outlook that will set the tone for all of your other goals. Sounds like you are sure to have a great 2017 with these plans. Happy New Year !

  9. These are excellent goals and I think everyone can relate. A lot of those goals you mentioned are on my resolutions as well. I think if we can stick to these we will truly be successful. Can't wait to see your redesign of blog and your new content! Xoxo, Christine

  10. Your New Year's resolutions are very inspiring and actually very similar to mine. I love the one about letting go of guilt. I also plan to post more regularly on my YouTube!!

  11. I like that you have included confidence as a goal, that is very smart. I too am working on increasing the use of my YouTube channel, which I have felt the same about for years. I really wanted to make more videos and kept being trapped by not having the perfect light set up, or not knowing how to add animation, something I really wanted to be a part of it. I am currently editing a video for January, so it should be up by next week. Let's do it! Now or never!
    xx Jenelle

  12. Just like for you, being grateful is one of my biggest resolutions this year. I cleaned out so much in my closet and donated everything. Im second guessing buying things because I realized i don't really need it. Also going to start a 12 week workout transformation program!

  13. Hello Ana!
    Love your energy to would make so many changes on your blog. For me and I think also for otherts is a big motivation to read similar posts. So I would see more posts like this, babe.
    Let us goals come true.

  14. First of all I can comfort you by saying you're not the only one who's totally NOT a morning person. I don't know how to change that either as I need to get up at 7 every morning to get to my day job, but I'm the most productive from like 10PM onwards which is quite... well not good for your sleeping patterns. As for your plans for your blog, they are BIG. I'll keep an eye out on how you'll do, but just the idea to plan the blog on a monthly basis sounds crazy to me although I'm a planning freak to the bone.
    Thanks for all the inspo, sweetie! :)

  15. I agree with everything that you posted! I really need to work on being more grateful and letting go of guilt. I often times get so down about the small things and forget how many blessings I've already received. Also, guilt is just something that I struggle with all the time. I think it comes with being the oldest child? I also need to plan better for my blog. I did get a calendar, but I really need to stick to it. Thanks for sharing babe!

    Maggie S.

  16. I am also up well past midnight blogging, so you're not alone lol. What can I say? I work 2 jobs during the day and I am not neglecting my blog because of it. I do need to get more sleep somehow though. My boyfriend is always getting onto me about it!

  17. Great goals lovely! You'll succeed in everyone of them, you'll see. My goal is to show myself more to people. Like, the real me. So more funny, quirky pictures, because that's also me :-) XO Charissa |

  18. That's great that you're setting yourself some goals for 2017. I need to do the same as well. I hope to start working out regularly for 2017 and I need to work on better planning out my blog content this year.

  19. We have the same goals for 2017! I do believe this is going to be a great year! You are such an inspiration and I wish you great things this 2017.

  20. I'm so incredibly critical of myself so I think I'm also going to aim to be more positive. I really do feel like when I reach a goal. I question how I got there and almost nit pick myself to death. I got to my goal weight but now I'm feeling annoyed that I'm not thrilled. lol You have great tips!
    xx Belle