Monday, January 2, 2017

Effortless Chic Look

Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing New Year's celebration! I wish you all the best. Make the best out of 2017. First of all, I wish you health, after that a lot of love and success! Be positive, oportunistic and thankful for all you have!

After this formal part, let's get into this look. Effortless one, cause who can think of something more after a crazy night, right? 😀 I'm keeping it black with the splash of pink. I had to take my bell sleeved cozy sweater, it's cold outside! Staying warm with this chunky beige scarve. Baby pink bag and sunnies are giving it a chic touch. When you are feeling like not showing your face too much, big sunnies are a must. So everybody will look at them and not at you. 😀 Baby blue and pink are my favourite at the moment. I definitaley need to add them to my wardrobe more. They are so girly, soft and gentle. Total opposite for these cold days. I'm in loove with this bag. It's so cute! I'm amazed with it's quality. It is fake leather, but it's well made, in great shape and sturdy. Can we take a moment and admire these boots? A bit of an opposite to my chic bag and sweater, but they are all going great together. These boots are giving you power! They are so comfortable and a great piece when you want to go a bit edgy. After all the heels, this is a great relief for my feet. 😀And they go with every style. If you want to experiment a bit, these are a great choice. This is definitely my go to look. Simple. Cozy. Chic. What is your go to, effortless look guys?
"Minimal is chic."
"When in doubt, wear black."
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Photography: Jelena Milosavljević


  1. "When in doubt, wear black." Couldn't agree more! Love your effortlessly chic look! Those boots are so fab.

    xo, Jo

  2. happy new year! I love this look - black works all the time :)

  3. That look is simply adorable on you sweetie! Such nice sunnies as well as boots, can't say anything else than that I love this outfit! :)

  4. this boots looks so awesome

  5. love the way your style your pics!

  6. Typically, my go-to look involves any all black look or even black and white. They're failproof and just so simple to style!

  7. A perfect minimal look! The dash of baby pink is a great idea. I think I want to get a similar pair of boots this year, I was checking out some Doc Martins the other day.
    xx Jenelle

  8. hello dear!!
    Nice look, love the pink shades.

  9. Ana I absolutely love that the sunglasses you're wearing compliment your purse! What an adorable outfit. Happy New Year:)
    xx Belle

  10. So cute! Love the cozy, casual vibe. And I need your sunnies in my life ASAP. Happy New Year!

  11. Your sunnies and baby pink crossbody are soo cute! I love the casual outfit and hope you had a Happy New Year.

  12. I love this look! black is among my favorites :)))

    Xx, Gina

  13. Love these boots ! Such a great look on you, so fun and chic !! Black is always a good choice !

  14. I love anything baby blue and baby pink too! I agree that I just want to dress down after the holidays. I love your look and black is so classic!!!

  15. Love your effortless chique outfit! Mine would be something similar haha!
    XO Charissa -

  16. Love your outfit look! Black is such a happy color, my favorite one, and the boots are peeerfect!
    Love your blog!

    N, xoxo. |

  17. Zaful is one of my favorite place to shop now. It just a little disappointing when they deliver. I get my delivery 3 weeks. how about yours? regardless I love the sunglasses and the bag so much I wanna get it


  18. Hey Love,
    Wish you All the Best as Well and Happy 2017:)
    Soooo Beautiful Coat:) But My Fav is your Sunnies and the Matches Cute Bag:) How Sweet together:) Just Love it:) With your Hair the Sunnies goes so Well;)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  19. I love this simple look. And your sunglasses are so FAB