Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Blues

I'm the one who loves to sleep and hate to get up! I never was a morning person and I really admire people who actually love to get up early in the morning and have their morning routine. Unfortunately, I'm the one who sets an alarm three times, just in case and when I get up, I need like 30 minutes just to be quiet and to come to life. I'm the one who loves to work and study at night. 00:00 am that's my time! It's like I'm more focused, everybody is sleeping so I can study or work. It's so silly, inspiration is hitting me so hard around this time, so I'm #guiltyascharged.

But, I need to change this strange habbit. I remember that few years ago (im feeling like granny when I write like this) I could wake up so easily in the morning, but now it's such a mission. I thought I could tell you this so we can together become morning persons, cause why not! I made a little plan, I would like to stick to it.

Let's get started:
- Go to bed earlier. I think (obviously) this is the most important one. I tend to go to bed very late, and we all know we need 8 hours of (beauty) sleep. So this task is a must. It's going to be our base for future selves, morning persons
- Don't snooze! This is an upgrade of the last one. Scientists says that when we snooze, we wake up even more tired. It's just routine, I guess. At first it’s going to be bloody hard, but then you will get use to it (at least, I hope so).

- Have a morning ritual. Have a breakfest, don't rush, make yourself a coffee and have those 30 minutes just for yourself. Read a book, or go through social media, prepare yourself for the day that’s coming. I read that when you wake up, you should visualise your day to the tiniest little detail so you can have a picture of it so you could actually pull it off.

- Make your bed, this one is a must! It is supposed to make us feel as if we already achieved something, right from the beginning of the day. So, give it a try!

- Prepare your stuff day earlier. We all know this. If you pick your clothes the night before, you will for sure need much less time to prepare for uni/work. And if you don't, chances that you are going to freak out about what you'll wear are very high. I've been there.

- Have a warm shower! I read somewhere that if you want to go to sleep you should take cold shower (so you’ll want to snuggle in bed afterwards ). But if you want to wake up, just take a warm one! So, let's test this one. I always tend to shower at night, so we will take this one to a test.

- Don't give up!

This will be a public reminder to all of us, and I promise I will update you on it! Good luck to us all!Which type of person are you?
Necklace & rings from first photo: PD Paola


  1. I tend to have the ritual of making my partner and I coffee, while he cooks breakfast, which is nice. Though this morning to mix it up we drove to our favourite park first to walk for a bit as I'd felt restless the day before. Too much time cooped up in the office.
    xx Jenelle

  2. You're beating a dead horse telling me not to snooze. I do it at least 5 times every morning. I am NOT a morning person. As a matter of fact, I hate mornings! It's a habit I need to break for sure :/

  3. These are all things I try to follow too! I'm still a bit guilty for hitting the snooze button too many times in the morning... but hoping that'll change :)

  4. I heard about the snoozing part a little while ago. So weird, because I thought it was actually better to snooze haha.
    Actually I am a morning person, but I also love my sleep haha. XO Charissa |

  5. I'm totally NOT a morning person and EVERY morning I struggle with getting up. I am trying to go through all these steps you mention, but the snoozing part was actually new to me. I snooze for like 10 minutes every day, but in fact, that might be correct, you even feel worse after that short snooze. Starting tomorrow morning I'll try to take baby steps into becoming a morning person. :)

  6. Hello Ana!!!
    Thanks fro this psot and advices. Never hard before to take a cold shower before go to the bed.
    For me it's impossible to prepare my clothes at evening before, maybe i'm a morning person and I want to see how its the day outside. Look out on the windows. Anyway I tring to same tips from you.thank!

  7. Please do let me know how this goes! I still hate getting up early in the morning. I read about your snooze tip too. I love my snooze button. It's also probably the reason why I hate getting up in the morning hahaha!

    xo, Jo

  8. All your tips are so practical and helpful! I'm definitely a morning person so I don't have any problem getting up. Early bird gets the worm!

  9. Man, I have the hardest time waking up in the morning as well. I always snooze and it doesn't help that I sleep late too. This really should be my New Year's resolution until I got sick and that all went out the door. Going to try this though!

    Maggie S.

  10. Ohhh I am like You, Love to Sleep Long and Rest A bit more after when i Awake:) Winter time is even worst, I feel like i dont want to leave my Warm Bed....
    I do have Morning Routines too, Like Yoga and Warm Tea:)
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

  11. I totally know what you mean about getting up. I spend actually an hour before I get up. My husband thinks because I don't have a real job haha. since blogging is more work from home

  12. I need to do everything you said here! I always force myself to make my bed right away as soon as I wake up. It's always hard at first but you are right if feels good after knowing your starting your day right away with a goal!

  13. Sounds like a great plan! I'm actually a morning person and feel like you do about the night ... quiet time and feeling inspired.. very early in the morning. The problem is that when early evening comes I'll already exhausted. I'm working on creating a better schedule/system as well.

  14. These are all great ways to help get you up! I am a morning person so I totally get those rules to help you wake up. I need to pass these onto my hubbie - he's the one who is a late riser. =) Love the beautiful flatlay and the dainty jewelry! Hope you are enjoying your quiet mornings now. xoxo, Christine

  15. Such great tips hon and definitely agree with the one about preparing things the day earlier to get a head start on everything!

    Helen xx

  16. Besides having a warm shower, I doubt I'm doing any of your suggestions right though my naggy momma used to enforce that upon me before I moved out *LOL
    Its nearly 1am now and I'm still reading your blog and I snooze my alarm clocks almost everyday (except for weekends) :( I don't even have a morning ritual and my bed is only made during weekends LOL. Guess it's time I try to take your tips seriously... Thanks for sharing Ana!

    xx Aldora Muses |

  17. I love to wake up early even if I go to bed late. I feel more productive and I love to do most things with the sunlight!!! Thanks for sharing sweetie. I fit into all categories that you describe.

    Xx, Gina

  18. I've been a morning person my whole life. My friends would stay out all night and I would be asleep LOL. That said, I've been staying up later and later and really need to get to bed earlier. Great tips!

  19. I can totally relate, I hit the snooze button a few times in the morning too;) hopefully that will change. xx

  20. Thanks for sharing those great tips for Monday Blue. My greatest struggle is not getting up ready for Mondays, but not looking forward for the 5-days of stressful working days ... Maybe it's time for another job =P

    xx, Jessie

  21. I really enjoy being up earlier and being productive early BUT I am the same way about getting up. It takes me 30 minutes or more to process actually getting up! I love your tips and I always notice a difference in my overall attitude for the day when I make my bed! Hope you are having a great week!

    Manda |

  22. I feel your pain, girl! It's so hard to wake up during the cold season! I'm a master of snoozing my alarm though :)) My strategy is to program my coffee machine so I wake up with the smell of coffee -- it's super refreshing!

  23. Im used to going to bed at like 8 and getting up at 4, I still snooze (lol) and I would rather wake up 30 min earlier and snooze than not.

  24. I am the same way when it comes to waking up in the mornings! Forget just three alarms, I set at least TEN lol! But all of your tips are perfect, will have to try :)

    xo Soo |

  25. I desperately need to get it together and wake up earlier without snoozing six times (yes that's something I sometimes really do). I love your tips! On a good day I make breakfast and sit down with the paper with my fiance!
    xx Belle