I'm the one who loves to sleep and hate to get up! I never was a morning person and I really admire people who actually love to get up early in the morning and have their morning routine. Unfortunately, I'm the one who sets an alarm three times, just in case and when I get up, I need like 30 minutes just to be quiet and to come to life. I'm the one who loves to work and study at night. 00:00 am that's my time! It's like I'm more focused, everybody is sleeping so I can study or work. It's so silly, inspiration is hitting me so hard around this time, so I'm #guiltyascharged.

But, I need to change this strange habbit. I remember that few years ago (im feeling like granny when I write like this) I could wake up so easily in the morning, but now it's such a mission. I thought I could tell you this so we can together become morning persons, cause why not! I made a little plan, I would like to stick to it.

Let's get started:
- Go to bed earlier. I think (obviously) this is the most important one. I tend to go to bed very late, and we all know we need 8 hours of (beauty) sleep. So this task is a must. It's going to be our base for future selves, morning persons
- Don't snooze! This is an upgrade of the last one. Scientists says that when we snooze, we wake up even more tired. It's just routine, I guess. At first it’s going to be bloody hard, but then you will get use to it (at least, I hope so).

- Have a morning ritual. Have a breakfest, don't rush, make yourself a coffee and have those 30 minutes just for yourself. Read a book, or go through social media, prepare yourself for the day that’s coming. I read that when you wake up, you should visualise your day to the tiniest little detail so you can have a picture of it so you could actually pull it off.

- Make your bed, this one is a must! It is supposed to make us feel as if we already achieved something, right from the beginning of the day. So, give it a try!

- Prepare your stuff day earlier. We all know this. If you pick your clothes the night before, you will for sure need much less time to prepare for uni/work. And if you don't, chances that you are going to freak out about what you'll wear are very high. I've been there.

- Have a warm shower! I read somewhere that if you want to go to sleep you should take cold shower (so you’ll want to snuggle in bed afterwards ). But if you want to wake up, just take a warm one! So, let's test this one. I always tend to shower at night, so we will take this one to a test.

- Don't give up!

This will be a public reminder to all of us, and I promise I will update you on it! Good luck to us all!Which type of person are you?
Necklace & rings from first photo: PD Paola