Sunday, February 19, 2017

How To Style A Poncho? | Fashion Tips

Five or six years ago poncho was really a thing. It was a must have piece. It was styled like this: jeans, over the knee boots, long sweater/poncho, big scarf & a big bag. Remember? I didn't like that so much, because everyone wore them back then. Here I am, so many years later, wearing it. I came late to the party.  :D I have three of them now and I love them. They are so practical and easy to wear, yet they look amazing. They are great go-to piece for everyday outfits.
This one is my favourite so far. Flat over the knee boots, skirt, shirt and leather jacket underneath and there you have it, my cozy and great looking everyday outfit.

How can you wear it?
 Wear it with thights, shirt, otk boots and chunky necklace. Messy bun is optional.
 Go with the black little dress, ankle or otk boots, put on a poncho and a beret for a Parisian touch. Tres chic!
You can go with my look. Skirt, shirt & leather jacket.
Don't go wild with colors. Keep everything under the poncho in one color in case it's multicolored. Or keep everything in two colors and go wild with accessories.
If you have an open one, you can take a belt to create beautiful shilouette and make your waist much more visible.
For a classy touch, you can add a brooch!

Do you wear it? What is your favourite way to style a poncho?

Poncho - SheIn; Boots - VipMe; Backpack - Zaful; Iphone case - Richmond&Finch; Bracelet - Zaful; Sunglasses - Diffeyewear; Watch - Mockberg;

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Photos: Jelena (Beautyfineprint)


  1. Ja sama nemam pončo, a odjednom imam želju da kupim sebi jedan. Divno! :D

  2. Lovely post and great tips! X


  3. I love the soft blue colour and the styling you have done hun! Poncho is a great piece to have in our closets:)
    kisses Sharka

  4. Really love this look and especially that cool bracelet and watch!


  5. You look great! Awesome blog post! Love how you styled the poncho dress with knee highs :)

  6. You styled the poncho in such a chic way! I always felt ponchos were way too bohemian for me, but I think you officially changed my mind. I love how you paired it with over the knee boots and kept the whole outfit pretty simple.

    Maggie S.

  7. Great outfit. There's nothing wrong with being late to a party, as long as you feel and look great and have fun with it, am I right? :) I love to be on top of trends, but some of my own favourite things to wear are vintage. You look fantastic.


  8. this is a perfect way to style a poncho! and I'm just a sucker for OTK boots :) thanks for sharing your styling tips!

  9. You have just given me a new way to wear my ponchos. Definitely trying it with tights and OTK boots next time :)

  10. Poncho can look super stylish, but also can look cheap. You did pretty good job on picking this one, because it suits you well and OTKs look perfect!

  11. Hey Sweetie:)
    Love poncho, I gave many:) You Styled Amazing, Loved with the Black OTK boots:) I love to wear like that too:) Sooo chic:)
    How was VD?
    Love Karina

  12. Loving this poncho and the great tips on how to style it!! btw, you look so gorgeous!! Xx, Gina

  13. I remember! I don't think I have ever really had one, but I like how you styled this, the boots are so perfect with it. The best lengths.

    xx Jenelle

  14. Hello Ana!!!
    Love how your styled , good idea the leather jacket keep us warm.
    I have many ponchos but don't used them lol
    I love to prairing with skirts or jeans .
    Sending love from Italy

  15. I"ve been meaning to get a poncho! Everyone (including you) looks so chic in them. I'm weary and don't think I can pull it off, but your tips really help! Thanks Ana!

  16. That is such a chic poncho! Love the way you styled it! I'm usually the same when it comes to trends- I usually become averse to trends when I see pratically everyone is wearing it, and after many years of it being no longer trendy, I start wearing it. I guess it looks fresh and new after all that time, doesn't it? :)

    xo, Jo

  17. Love how you styled this poncho! The grey color is beautiful and it doesn't look overly large and bulky as sometimes ponchos do. This with the otk boots are a perfect and edgy look! Xoxo, christine

  18. I love how you used this stylish poncho to serve as a really chic dress!
    xo Debbie |

  19. Amazing style I love this poncho so much!
    The details are perfect! Great style

  20. Seriously such a cute poncho! I'm loving every way you described to style it!