One thing I'm crazy about this season is metallic shoes! I think more approipriate word would be obsessed. I'm such a big fan of this granny type of shoes. They are so chic, elegant and retro at the same time and that's a perfect combination for me!
Metallics are a great way to play with your clothes a little bit more Most of the people find them hard to style so I decided to give you few ideas on how to make it easier.

Let's get started: 
Treat them as a new nude staple. That way it's going to be easier to style them. 
Try matching the metallic tone of your shoes with the outfit. If it's silver it means it has a cold undertone so you want to style it with cooler colors. 
Keep it simple. Wear it with neutrals and remember to always match tones. You can mix it with stripes or checkers, I consider them a some kind of neutrals, because they go with everything!
Metallic on metallic. You can wear metallic shoes and bag at the same time or you can wear a bag and blazer with hints of metallic. 
Match it with your jewelry! You need them always. Bracelets, earrings and rings. The more the better!
I always say, don't forget to have fun! You can go totally crazy if you feel like it and who knows maybe you will come out with the best outfit ever. Give it a try! I think any style can pull this off. Do you wear metallics?
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