It's been almost two years since we first met, so our first shooting is a great celebration of our friendship and work! I never met a person like her. Common misconception in this world is that you can't really have a true friend, because everyone is your competition. I guess they were wrong. I found one! We clicked since day one. She was nothing but supportive the whole time. There wasn't a moment where you could feel bad vibes or envy. She actually taught me to be more optimistic.

We grew so much together! We pushed each other to do more, to be better version of ourselves and we made it and we are going to be even better. Just take a look at our pictures from one year ago. Take a look at our blogs, our style, it evolved a lot and it'll keep on evolving. It's really nice when you have someone by your side, especially in this cruel industry. I'm so grateful I found a true friend, with whom I can talk about everything and anything. With whom I can be without internet, just sitting and chilling on the floor without wifi and to know I got her by my side. That's true friendship!

It was awesome when we got a chance to represent pieces from new H&M Trend Collection. The moment when we decided to shoot together was even better. It was amazing! At the first glance, we thought we wouldn't make it because our outfits were very different, but we managed it. I love how our outfits are highly contrasted, as well as our personalities and styles. Mine is more on the girly and feminine side, and Jelena’s is on cool and urban one. The most interesting part is that both styles go perfectly together!
So, what is your favorite piece from H&M Trend collection?

Jelena: Ana:
Top - H&M Trend; Dress - H&M Trend;
Pants - H&M Trend; Shoes - Pink Basis;
Shoes - River Island; Rings, Necklace - PD Paola;
Watch - Cassio; Watch - Mockberg;
Ring - Ti Sento; Earrings - H&M;
Bag - Vintage Gucci; Bag - Mango;
Sunglasses - Ray Ban; Sunglasses - Asos;

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