I wanted to talk to you about my favourite style bloggers. Today it's quite popular to be a fashion blogger. Anyone can be a fashion blogger, and that's the biggest difference between fashion and style bloggers. I know it's a bit confusing, but I'm going to clear it up in a second.
Let's just start with Oscar De La Renta quote about difference between those two “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” So, fashion is something that it's out there, at the stores, runways. But style is something that's inside of us, it's some kind of a sense of self. That's the moment when you are dressing to match your clothes to your personality, from head to toe to tiny little accessories. I've read in one amazing post that fashion distracts and style connects. You or the clothes? If you are the clothes, that's fashion. Style is always
about a person.
So when we cleared this out, we can start with my favourite style bloggers. Today it's so hard to find bloggers who have strong sense of self and who are not in it just for the sake of trends. I will represent to you three different girls whose blogs I adore. They are all so different and unique and they are great example on how fashion can be something more then just clothes. Without further ado, let's get straight into introducing them:
Megan Ellaby is standing behind Pages by Megan. She is my favourite babe! That's what I call a style blogger, she is the whole package. That's a girl who is passionate about clothes who doesn't mind about following trends and wearing clothes from trift shops. She is so good at styling clothes. She just knows the drill and you can see it from the way she talks, writes and just do things. You need to check her blog out! And she has the most amazing personality, she is so cute, crazy and weird. Perfect combo if you ask me! She isn't conventional and that's what I like about her. I read somewhere that she was a stylist and trend specialist at Asos and I know that she a finished University that's got to do something with fashion but I'm not sure which department. That says a lot about her style. She is the kind of girl who will match the most impossible trends and pieces of clothes and all together would look amazing. I love that about her. She is such an inspiration. 
Sarah Mikaela is the face behind Framboise Fashion. Well this girl is just something else. Her posts tell stories, they are like works of art. You need to read them to see what I'm talking about. They are like a storybook. Fashion is here just accompaning the whole thing. She is a great singer as well, how cool is that? And by the way she poses I would say she used to be a dancer. She is a smart woman, with a strong sense of self and she is only 24 years old as well as Megan. How crazy is that?? I think that's what makes these ladies different from others, having strong selse of self and having their own attitude and style and that's probably the reason why they'll never have 1m followers because they aren't everybody's cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, there isn't a person who is everybody's cup of tea, but they are some that almost everyone is raving about, such as phenomenon of Kim Kardashian.
Last but not least Adriana Gastelum, girl who stands behind Fake Leather. This is what she says about herself: "I’m not the kind of girl who knows all the designers or every single collection, I just know I love clothes and my intuition guides me into mixing and matching designer pieces with affordable ones." She is working with her boyfriend and they create amazing content. I love her efortless looks, but so well thought and putted together. She is the queen of layering. I love her style, the way she writes and the look of her blog. I think that for me her blog is the best looking style blog. You can see that a lot of time went on making it and it's made so well for outfit posts. Just go on her blog and click on any post, you will be stunned. One more thing I love so much is the way she treat her fans. With so much love, care and support.
Who are your favourite style bloggers?

Image sources: Pages by Megan, Framboise Fashion & Fake Leather.
Artwork by me.