In four hours I'm going on a trip with my university and I'm super excited about it! I will be off for ten days and that's the reason I needed to take some outfit shots in advance. And yeah, ten days before my trip weather the is horrible, so much so that it was snowing and hailing in some part of the city. But, I made it!! So, I did my makeup and hair, I made the best curls ever with my new iron and went to shoot this outfit with my sister. We came to this place and I stopped at a parking to change my flat boots for heeled ones and suddenly it started hailing. It was soo bad!! I think I have never saw this much hail before. We were standing under the tree thinking what we could do. So, we decided to hide in some coffee. It was such a mission to arrive there. By the time we arrived, my hair was such a mess but that couldn't stop me from taking photos. When it stopped, we were determined to take some great shots! It was super successful, even though it was raining. I'm so proud we did it anyway!

About the outfit, I had to wear these boots! I have them for ages, but I never really had a chance to wear them on the blog. I went with the classics. I picked a classic coat, a line skirt and turtleneck. You can never go wrong with it. These boots are what is making this outfit come to life. You can wear them with so many garments. They are perfect for that effortless chic look and they get along with basic pieces the best. I think thats what makes them amazing.

Boots - Pink Basis; Coat - Zaful; Skirt - Rosegal (similar here); Bag - Zaful;