If you want to brighten up your everyday outfit or just to add a little something to your style, my advice would be to color it. I will share a few tips with you on how to incorporate it to your style.

Let's go: ➳ Coordinate a bold garment with a muted or nude colored shoe or accessory. If you pick a bold jacket, keep it cool with the rest of the outfit. Go with the floral dress and pick one color from the dress and choose jacket in that color and keep shoes and a bag nude. You'll see what I'm talking about. Just don't over color it! Vice versa works as well. Just what I did in here. ➳ Mix print and colors. This one is close to the one above. Mix and match color from the print with the garment in bright color. It's important to choose printed pieces that fit you perfectly. Over sized or too tight may not look that flattering. This should be the first rule with everything. In order to look good your clothes needs to fit you perfectly. Pick your most flattering part of the body and wear print there and match it with shoes in bold color. ➳ Match colors with your skin tone. I rave about this all the time. If you have a warm undertone you should go with warmer colors and if you have pink undertone you should go with the cold ones. BUT, this is not always the case, that's way you need to experiment because it can turn out that colder tones can fit you as well. My outfit is good example for that. I've got a warm undertone and I'm wearing pretty cold color and it suits me great! ➳ Don't go crazy with adding bold colors to your closet! By this I mean, don't wear just one bold color or if you are wearing one garment or two, don't try too much with adding makeup, nails and jewelry in that color. That's really a big no-no. ➳ Take risks! Get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it's about taking risks and breaking the rules and just getting out of your comfort zone. Try on something you thought you'd never wear. You will be suprised with the results! What I always love to say is: don't forget to have fun! It's about trying out new stuff, being playful and enjoying it all the way. Don't take it too seriosly, it's just clothes. What about you? Do you like adding bold colors to your closet?

 Watch - Daniel Wellington; Bag - Mastuffari; Heels - Pink Basis; Jacket - Missy Empire;
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Photos: Ružica Vukosavljević