In one of previous posts I mentioned that stripes are one of my favourite trends for summer. They are and not just for summer, but for the whole year!Stripes are an essential part of every timeless wardrobe.
Breton stripes (classic black & white side to side) became popular 1850s and they were worn by french sailors. They were introduced to the rest of the world by Coco Chanel and the rest is history!
I love how the whole thing with stripes took another level and now we have modified bold stripes. So, if a simple navy and white striped piece are too basic for you, try multi color ones! They can be tough to pull of, so try just one piece at a time. Go with denim jeans or pencil skirt. Make the stripes the statement and opt one piece in matching color.

One thing is sure, you need to pay attention when you are choosing stripes. Vertical stripes are good for petite women and those with more curvy figures because they elongate the body and draw the eye up and down, rather than side to side.
Thin or pin stripes can also have a slimming effect, white bold, thick stripes can draw the eye to the wrong places. Classic stripe in navy and white will work for anyone, it's just a matter of deciding what kind of clothing is for you.

About the outfit, I decided to go a bit formal with this wrap over dress. I added accessorizes and sandals and this is how it turned out! You could easily pull it of on some fancy dinner. For more casual look I wore it with jeans and my favourite golden heels. Only down side with this dress is it's length, I wish it was more shorter. In order to look nice, you need to wear heels. But, I will definitely make it shorter and I can't wait to show it to you then (maybe I can publish DIY post)! Until then tell me in the comments do you wear stripes and how?
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Watch - Kapten & Son; Bracelet - Paul Hewitt; Sandals - Pink Basis;