If you need one item that will make your outfit look more classy and stand out from the crowd, then go out and search for wide leg pants! I've never really been into these pants, I thought that I look fat in them and I've never really gave them a chance. Until now, when I started loving them.
They elevate every outfit, making it more classy, chic and sophisticated. They are ideal for work, school or university as they are very comfortable and classy. The best thing is that they are easy to style even though they might seem a bit tricky!
You can choose whether you like full length or the midi one. You can style them with flats or heels. If you choose a midi length, perfect match are ankle boots. They go like a dream together!
There are so many varieties of wide leg pants, from length to the shape of waist. There are belted ones, that are my favourite ones. They create silhouette that every one of us wants. I guess that's why I ordered three pair of them last night. Can't wait to show them to you!You can wear them with simple shirt or a bit complicated blouse. I think that they are one of those effortless pieces that you can always pull off. Almost like jeans, but more comfortable. You can wear them with flats without looking any less classy. I can't explain you how much I love them! I was so stupid for not giving them a chance earlier.
You can wear them for cocktails, proms and fancy dinners. They can be styled so good. Just give them a chance and you will be suprised how fit they are!

What is your favourite way of styling them?
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Top - H&M; Pants - Rosegal; Shoes - Asos; Earrings - Jane Konig;