I've never been into bikinis so much. This year, everything has changed! I gave a huge makeover to my bikini collection. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and to try something I've never wear.

I always thought that I lost the battle with bikinis. I have a really strange body. I have big hips, small boobs and bigger upper body than the lower one. I'm kinda of lost when I'm on a hunt for bikini. I always end up very upset because I can't find anything that fits me perfectly. As I said on beginning, this year I decided to forget on my body type and just order what I liked. I was ordering online so I didn't really have a chance to try it before, so it was quiet challenging. I spent hours and hours browsing, thinking and re-thinking my bikini choices. Finally, I ordered few pieces and now all I had to do is wait. When they finally arrived, I tried them on and I was amazed how good they fitted me!
I was always searching for bikinis by the book and I've never gave a chance to myself to find a perfect one. So if you are stuck like me, don't be afraid to try something different! This one was the most reveling and different from what I've seen and tried in my life! I really like to go to extreme sometimes. Either way, I think it's sexy and elegant. It's all about how you are going to interprate it! Great thing about this swimsuit is that you can style it for formal occasions, cocktails, dinners or proms. Can't wait to show you how to style it! If you want to see all of the bikinis I ordered, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

Let me know in the comments how you like to spice up your bikini game?
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