It was a while ago since the last time I published a post related with acne. I decided to write about all the things I learned through my journey with acnes. I'm writing this hoping that I can help some of you and to maybe save your time, because the journey is long and I think all of us make very similar mistakes.
I started from a scratch using a harsh products that did more damage than help to my skin.

So the history of my acne was like this, I went to cosmetician right before my prom at primary school. I had amazing skin with no acnes or spots. It was a thing to go to cosmetician and all my girlfriends went to that specific one, to do nails, hair or makeup. I didn't need any of that so I decided to go to a facial and that's when everything happened. After that, my skin became a mess. I remember hair stylist coming to my house and being so in shock what happened to my face. I was all over in pimples and swollen, on my day of the prom!! Just to be clear, I went few days before the prom to facial. 
After that, it just got worst and worst. I was in 8th grade and I don't know what happened. Maybe her salon was dirty or she just speeded up my process with acnes, maybe I would get them without her, I don't know.

I never went to a dermatologist, maybe that was a mistake, but I never really thought I was wrong because I saw soo many people went there and didn't find the solution for their problems. I remember buying Balea products for oily and acne prone skin. It was a tinted cream and something else and I remember I was putting that on to my face and hoping it will kill my acnes.

Then I found forum where I found soo many helpful advices. Next stop was opening my blog where I was writing all of my experiences and reviews on cream. There I consulted with a dermatologist and sent pictures of my skin when she recommeneded me the cream that helped me the most. It was Skinoren. Then I had micro dermoabrasion when my skin got better. From that point it was a rollercoaster, sometimes my skin feels good and sometimes don't.
Now, so many years later my skin really looks amazing. I can't wait to show you products I'm using. But the two most important things for my skin were eating healthier and wearing less makeup (I admit that to myself very recently).

I'm sorry for spamming you this much, but I had to get to know you with the history of my skin.
#1 Don't use harsh products! Say NO to Alcohol!
I can't explain to you how important is to use products without alcohol. Alcohol is drying your skin and it's not helping you with acnes at all. When you use products with alcohol, they make your skin feel dry and itchy. That's why it's important not to use cleaners, toners or serums that contain alcohol.

#2 Use a moisturizer, no matter what!
Using moisturizer and washing your face with cleanser is like washing your teeth. I really can't believe that there are some people who wash their face only with water and not using a cream at all (imagine how dirty and dehydrated that skin is). Remember that skin is our biggest organ and you should keep it safe and treat it as it deserves! You should moisturize your skin every single day.

#3 Try to wear less makeup.
As I said above, recently I admit to myself that wearing makeup contributed my acnes. I spent one month without wearing makeup, I'm lying maybe I had it once or twice and it was really minimal. Before that, I applied makeup every day one or two times a day depending on my obligations. Full makeup. I was always telling myself that I took care of what I put on my face. I used non-comedogenic foundations and that's all true, but the skin on my face really suffered from it. I started using much less makeup on my face and I'm so happy I admit to myself and went lighter with my makeup. I thought I was ugly without all that facade. I was so wrong! So, true to use less makeup on every day basis and always make sure to put non- comedogenic products on your face!

#4 Try to eat clean.
I'm not talking about going vegan or going to strict diets, I'm just talking about changing habits a bit. Instead of chips try eating fruit. Drink a lot of water. Work out or walk, you will see the difference on your skin! I know everybody talks about this, how food affects our skin, they are right! I remember rolling my eyes out when I hear people talking about this. The truth is you are what you eat!

#5 Don't let acne take over your life!
This is the most important one! Don't let your life goes by while you are thinking off acnes. Go out with your friends, have fun! Go to the gym, sign in for a course of creative writing, just do something. Don't let acne occupy you so much!

#6 It takes time for treatment to work. Be patient.
I know you want it to work instantly. The truth is, it can't! You need to be patient and wait and see the results. To cream work it needs 42 days. I'm sure you don't want to sit home and wait to see if the cream works. I remember having lists and lists with treatments I want to use if the one I'm using in that moment don't help.

This was probably one of the longest posts I ever wrote. I hope it's going to help some of you and please let me know in the comments what did you learn from having acne.
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Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic