I feel so inspired for autumn and I can't wait for summer to be officially over! I'm loving trends for the upcoming season and I can't wait to start styling more outfits for it. I'm loving colors and patterns and I love the idea of reinventing some of them! Yeah, I'm talking about pink.
I think that pink will never go out of fashion. It's just a matter of how you are going to style it. Just like the other garment, this dress is a gem from my mom. I know I'm so boring talking about it, but isn't it great how fashion never gets old? I'm amazed by the design of it. Puffed sleeves and tight maxi dress. It's so chic and elegant. I think everyone should have something like this in their closet. It's great for those days when you don't know what to wear but you want to look like you put some extra effort.

I styled this for an everyday look, but it can be easily styled for a more fancy occasion. You can just put on some pumps or ankle boots and you are ready! I think I might need to find pink sweater as well. What about you? Are you going to wear pink for autumn and winter?

Dress - Vintage; Shoes - Ego; Bag - Zaful; Earrings - Parfois; Watch - Mockberg;