I'm never going to be a person with a perfect theme on Instagram. I tried it and I never NEVER managed to pull it off. Maybe I'm not that visual, but one thing is sure, I'm not going to beat myself over it! I just don't have it in myself. My goal is to inspire and teach others how to wear certain garments of clothing or how to take care of their skin. But I'll never teach you how to have a cohesive and simple theme on Instagram. I'm just not good at it and that's totally fine. No one should get upset about it. I want to produce amazing content and share it with you across all my social media platforms, including Instagram and I don't want to get upset because it's not a perfect match with others.

I've spent soo much time about thinking how my pictures are going to get along. I've could use that time to do other things, such as planning and implementing amazing content for the blog. I'm not a simple person, I love colors and different styles. So I definitely won't have monochromatic, simple or those beautiful dreamy and cohesive ones. I'm amazed with people who do have themes like these, I'm always wondering how they do it. So from now on, I'm not going to stress myself over it, instead, I will work on other projects. There is one, which I'm super excited about and I hope it will come to life until the end of the year! What about you, do you manage to have an Instagram feed?

Let's talk about this look! I had to create one which screams autumn. That means that brown, velvet and over the knee boots are included. I'm crazy about this look. It's so simple but very chic and striking. Everything fits perfectly. One of my favorite trends of the year is included. Yes, I'm talking about bell sleeves. This blouse gets a long amazingly with the velvet skirt. I gave a final touch with the bandana which has flower print on it in colors of the whole look. Did you like this look? What is your typical look for autumn?
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Top - Metisu; Skirt - Made by my mom; Boots - Pink Basis; Bandana - Zara; Sunglasses - Vintage; Bag - Zaful; Earrings - Parfois;
Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic