It was always a challenge to find the perfect coat as I never was a big fan of fluffy jackets. I remember I wore them in primary school as they were on trend. Later on, I didn't want to sacrifice my femininity for them, so I started wearing coats. At the beginning, I was always going for the safe option, a black coat.
I thought that If you have a coat of some other color, you won't have enough options with styling your clothes. I was so wrong! You always have limitless options, it's just about how much you are going to push yourself to come up with a different look. While I was developing my style, I realized how I'm choosing coats with prints or in colors rather than the black ones. I thought it could be useful to share with you few tips on how to find the right coat for you.
The first thing you want to find out is, what type of coat do you want. There are few types of them:
1. Belted wrap coat;
2.  Double breasted coat;
3.  Simple button up;
4. Oversized;
5. Unconventional.

You need to watch out for what type you are going. If you have few pounds more, don't go with oversized ones. You want to point up your curves and to make your figure visually slimmer. I would say go with the wrap ones or double breasted. I love wearing double-breasted and straight coats that are following your shape of the body. I find them very chic and feminine. Brown one is just like that, it's one of my favorite coats.
When you figure out which type you want to wear, you should think about the color. I would say to avoid black and to try others like:
- Camel;
- Navy blue;
- Khaki / Army green;
- Gray;
- White 
(it's not the most practical option
because you need to take extra care of it and
 to bring it to a dry cleaner very often);
- Houndstooth print.

You should pay attention to fabrics when you are looking for the right coat. You want to make sure that the fabrics are thick enough so it can keep you warm. When it comes to the size of a coat, be true to yourself and don't go for tighter options! Go with the real one or even size up. When it becomes colder you need to layer it.
Make sure to check out my looks with different types of coats below. I hope some of them will inspire you to find your perfect fit. Let me know in the comments do you like wearing coats and what type is your favorite one?

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