I'm always on a hunt for good vintage pieces! My favorite place to look for them besides thrift stores is my grandmas closet. Grandma was a real shopaholic (and she still is) and I'm a big sucker for vintage stuff, so what can I say, it was a jackpot for me! I love browsing through her old stuff and you wouldn't believe how many of clothes there is! I wanted to write a small guide on how to rock grandmas (vintage or second hand) clothes like a real pro and to share with you few tips on thrift shopping. People often find vintage stuff to be old, gross and boring. I think that you need to be a person for it if you want to wear it.
First and the most important thing is to try on a bunch of different clothes and styles! It's very important to try as many different clothes you can. There is so potential in vintage clothing, but people pass it finding it too boring or granny. You never know! You should always give them a shot because you can end up with amazing and unique pieces no one can have. A few years ago I tried this fur jacket from my mom and I looked so funny in it and I forgot that I have it, until recently when I gave it a try and I was blown away how good it fits me now! Sometimes, it just takes some time to get to see the potential in the vintage pieces. This is the point where we get to next point.

Learn to recognize the potential in the vintage or second-hand clothing! Not in the way to buy clothes that you don't like, just to be aware that you'll know how to style certain pieces even though they don't look that beautiful or cool at first. I think that's one of the most important things. To be aware and sure that you know how to style them, no matter what others say. It's important to have that kind of confidence when it comes to thrift shopping. When I was younger, I lacked that kind of confidence and I remember buying so many stuff at the second-hand stores and never wearing them, till know.

Be patient and take some time to go through all clothes! It's very important to be patient and to look through all the stuff they have in a thrift shop. Most of the thrift shops are stuffed and you can't see the good clothes, that's why you should take some time to look through it.

It's important to visit thrift shops often! They are getting a new stuff once or twice a week and if you don't want to miss on the good stuff. The best plan would be to find some local thrift shop that it's near your place and to visit it few times a week. If you search for the good clothes often you will find great pieces for very small amount of money!

Do you like to go thrift shopping? What are your tips?
Blazer - Vintage; Turtleneck - Vintage; Jeans - Pull & Bear; Shoes - Shoes of Prey; Bag - Vintage; Beret - New Yorker;
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Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic