If you aren't a big fan of big and puffy jackets than this post is for you! I'm going to tell you how to stay warm and classy without wearing it. I've never really liked those puffy jackets. I didn't feel comfortable wearing them. That's why I learned how to stay warm and stylish without them. I'm not saying they aren't stylish, they just aren't my cup of tea. The only time you will see me in these big jackets is when I go skiing.

Let's jump straight into it! You should go for thicker coats and jackets. It's important to go with the thicker options, you don't want to freeze your ass out, right? You can even find coats that are double placed. Now are on trend fur-jackets that are very cozy and they are made from fake fur.  Next step is layering! This is the key to warmer dressing. You should always layer it and start with a thin layer. First thing is underneath the shirt. You don't want the first layer to be too tight and close to your body. It's not going to be comfortable and if you are sweating, it's going to make your clothes even heavier and no one wants that. The next layer should be a blouse and then sweater. If it's really cold you should definitely add a blazer underneath your coat. This way you'll be sure you aren't going to be cold at all. Just try not to overcrowd yourself with a lot of clothes. I find that having big and fluffy scarf is a life saver when it's super cold! I realized that recently when I started paying more attention to them.

About this look, I decided to change my usual routine and switch from coat to a jacket. I decided to go with this fur one. It's so fluffy and warm. It reminds me of a fur coat I had as a child! I paired it with jeans, turtleneck and my favorite metallic boots. To give it a more chic look I added this huge scarf with houndstooth print that everyone is crazy about. As you could see I couldn't resist adding a beret as well. The result is effortlessly chic and warm look!

Let me know in the comments what are yours to stay stylish and warm during winter!
Jacket - Tom Tailor; Scarf - Tom Tailor; Jeans - Pull & Bear; Turtleneck - Vintage; Bag - Picard; Ankle boots - Ego; Beret - New Yorker;
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 Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic

*This post is done in a collaboration with Tom Tailor.