This is one of the questions I get asked a lot! I wanted to try to answer to more of them through posts on my blog. I hope you like the idea. I get a lot of messages from you guys where you tell me that you would love to start a blog but you just don't know how. You think that you aren't creative enough or that you don't have enough ideas of what you would like to write about. 

My first advice to all of you guy would be to just start! If you really want it, ideas will come up to you on their own, I promise! I remember when I first started this blog, I was mainly writing about beauty and it was about skin care products and my problems with acne. I remember taking shots with my digital camera at night on the fabric of my mother's skirt (it was back in 2012). It was so funny and silly but I wanted soo much to blog for no particular reason but because I loved everything that got with skin care and beauty products, not for the sake of money, gifts or to prove something to others. No matter where you are you should just start! I didn't have a camera for years. Imagine that! Three years ago I decided I wanted to start turning my blog into a fashion one so I needed to take proper outfit shots. I met so many amazing people through the whole process, from photographers to bloggers. If I had a camera I probably never met some of them, so I'm really grateful for it. You don't need anything except a desire to start!

➢ The only thing you'll ever need is DESIRE to create!
The only thing you need is a desire to create and to write. You don't need to have a fancy camera or a beautiful home to create amazing beauty shots. You just need to think and to come up with the best solution. You can buy wallpapers and shoot them with your phone. Now there are so many options to shoot with your phone. After, you can edit photos on your phone or computer. A lot of famous fashion bloggers now only have photos they took with the phones and that is totally fine. It was always about the information you are giving to others. It was always about adding value to everything you do.

➢ Don't fall into trap of creating FOR OTHERS. 
You should always write and create things you would love to read about. Your readers love YOU because of the way you talk, dress and act.
We must admit that today is very easy to fall into this trap with all of the hype that is going around about social media, especially Instagram. We are constantly trying to create amazing and inspiring content and we start running for likes, comments and followers. We end up creating for others  Then we are burned off from everything and we don't want to be creators anymore. In order to prevent that we should always remember that we create for ourselves! I'm not trying to offend anyone, I love my readers. They love me for me, because of the way I write, dress and act in a certain way. Not because someone told me that that's stupid and I should start doing things in a different way. I'm pretty sure that If I started creating content to please others no one would ever like nor I would ever accomplish anything. 

➢ The technical part is going to be the easiest part of the journey.
Two most popular platforms for creating blogs are Blogger and Wordpress. There are a plenty of places to find free templates. You can buy some as well, my favorite place to shop is Etsy. Pipidig is a very popular place to buy pre-made templates or to make custom ones just like how you want!

Let me know in the comments did you like this post and do you have any tips to add?