You might call me a dress addict! I have so many dresses, I might need a separate closet for them.  Dresses are my favorite type of clothes to wear in summer. They are so easy to style and pleasant to wear. It doesn't matter if it's a day or night, you can always style them to look tres chic. I always feel more confident when I'm wearing a dress. I think they are very feminine and elegant. I wanted to give you few suggestions on how you can style them and maybe inspire you to wear some of them. You will find a lot of looks down there, but before we get straight to it, let's discuss them a bit more.

➤I think there's no better way than starting from the most groundbreaking one: floral dresses! Quilty as charged. I own so many floral dresses and I can't explain to you how much I loved them. When I look at them, the first thing that crosses my mind is happiness. I guess that's the reason I like to wear them. I think they are fun and chic and all you need is a pair of block heels, espadrilles or sandals with your favorite wooden or straw bag.

Midi dresses are my next favorite ones. There is something incredibly sexy about them. I think it's because you aren't really showing too much off your skin, but you are with pointing up your waist for example or with your back. Just look at my midi dresses and you'll see what I'm talking about!

➤It's all about the stripes! Well, we can't talk about dresses and not mention stripes. They are a must, right? You can wear it during the day or night, it's always a good choice! So casual and elegant at the same time! Just depends on how you decide to style it, with sneakers or heels? What's your choice?

➤I think all of us have at least one lace dress. The good news is that they aren't reserved only for fancy dinners and events, you can totally wear them during the day. The trick is to pick the lace in color!

Do you like to wear dresses? What is your favorite pattern?

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