A few days ago I read a post at Kate La Vie's blog about her summer style rules. I thought I could share with you my style rules that I live by. I've never really thought of it in a way these are rules, but in some way they are. I like to think of them as fundamentals of dressing. I've always lived by them, even when I was much younger. When I was in primary school I was going through a rap phase. I was listening to a rap music and I "needed" to dress up the same way. I know I was thinking how I didn't want to sacrifice my ladylike side with skater sneakers and baggy clothes. That was just my feeling and I've stood up for it and I'm happy I did! It's funny to see how much my style evolved, it was silly to see what I wore but I love that I always stayed true to myself, even though sometimes I didn't do it in the right way.

#1 Keep it chic!
My first and obvious rule is to always keep it chic and feminine. When I was going to drawing classes at the studio and at the University. When I showed them my drawings, both of my professors told me that I have very accentuated feminine side. It can easily be seen in my drawings! I was blown away and it was for sure now! 

#2 Make sure you always have a pair of statement shoes!
If you read this blog for a while, you know that I'm all about the statement shoes! I love wearing unique shoes. They are my guilty pleasure. Glittery, metallic, too pointy, just name it! I'll wear them :D I think they lift every outfit and I feel very confident wearing them.

#3 You can't be overdressed.
I guess you can, but I don't mind it! I enjoy trying out different styles and experimenting with clothes. I think that's the reason I can't keep calm and dress "normal". I say "normal" because people around me tend to say that I dress weird and that I'm crazy because I'm wearing metallic shoes. I love playing dress up and I love coming up with new ways of wearing certain clothes!

#4 Accessorize it.
I enjoy wearing a lot of jewelry. I had phases when I wore only chunky necklaces then bangles. Now I came up with my own jewelry starter pack. :D It includes earrings, bracelets, ring, watch and a tiny necklace. I think it accompanies every look and it makes it wholeness if you know what I mean.

#5 A little lipstick never hurts!
There's no much to say about this. If I don't wear lipstick, I feel naked! My colors are red and taupe. I always wear it.

All of these rules apply when I go out with my friends, to an event or something like that. It's obvious but I need to say that I don't dress up when I go to the grocery store, post office or gym.

Let me know in the comments what are your style rules?

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