I know that the name of this post may sound silly to some of you, but this is an actual thing. It often happens that you aren't ready for the beach. It was winter, you said to yourself that you can cover your body with layers of clothes, you ate a bit much of that chocolate cake and bam. It's suddenly summer and it's time to go to the pool and seaside and what's next? You are going to lock yourself in the home so no one can see your body because you gain a little weight. This happened to all of us and instead of telling bad things to yourself and making yourself guilty, just say fuck it! It's time to accept yourself without judgment. Be nice and gentle to yourself. It's time to work with what you've got. Remember this one, you aren't getting that beach body for others than for yourself and your health. It's not good if you are doing it for the others, to prove them something, you'll just end up feeling really bad and sad. It's time to accept yourself and to enjoy the summer. I remember I was scared if I need to go to the beach or pool. I was upsetting that I'm not thin enough and that everyone looks amazing except me. What a bunch of crap, I mean I have 61kg and I'm 176cm and I feel fat, seriously?!

It's so hard to accept that little stomach and fatty hand when everyone around you is "perfect". I know that it's my own fault I didn't work out regularly and I didn't always pay attention to what I'm eating. I decided to be very gentle with myself and to not judge myself when I'm eating sweets or cake, as long as I'm trying to eat healthier. I wanted to share with you few tips on how can you feel more confident when you don't have that beach body, whatever that means.

↠ The first thing would be to find the swimsuit that fits you the best!
For me are the best high waisted swimsuits or the ones that aren't to shallow. I have a little tummy which I need to cover up, I'm guilty as charged. I ate that chocolate a bit more than I should. Sometimes is hard to find the bikini that suits you the best. For me it's like finding the perfect pair of jeans, it can be quite a pain in the ass if you ask me. But, you should never stop finding one. Try the ones that you think it won't fit you, you'll be surprised because sometimes we aren't really aware of how body actually looks. I always perceived myself to be a lot fatter than I am, and I'm not fat at all, I just have a tummy that looks like it's a pregnant one, but I'm not pregnant. :D 

↠ If you don't feel too comfortable in a bikini, try wearing it when you are in the house. I know it sounds weird, but you'll just get used to what your body looks like. Do more time you spend in the bikini the more you'll be confident to be in it.

↠ Have fun!
It's not a shame to wear a bikini if you gained a little weight and no one should stress about it. You are there to have fun so relax and enjoy! Read book, swim, dive, just relax and enjoy it with your family and friends! You shouldn't obsess because you gain a few kgs. We are exposed to so many magazines and Instagram's celebrities who have perfect bodies that we get so consumed that we start asking ourselves are we "perfect" enough. There is no perfect body, you are perfectly imperfect, remember that! In the end, you won't remember your holiday at the seaside with how fat you looked in your swimsuit, you'll just remember all of the amazing time you had and things you did so make sure you are present and kind to yourself!

↠ You can always wear coverups when you aren't in the water.
There are so many light and beautiful coverups you can wear when you are at the beach or pool, BUT I highly advice you to don't care and to accept your body and wear that bikini out. You can always go for a swimsuit as well.

I hope that this summer you'll accept your body and you'll rock your bikinis! No one should feel bad about themselves because they aren't what everyone else is expecting them to be (perfect?). I hope you'll be kind to yourself!

Do you have body image issues?