I started reading my favorite book again called "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and I felt so inspired by reading it. I found some answers I was searching for. There was an interesting chapter called "Have Affair!", I was so confused when I saw the title but when I read it, it was like someone opened my eyes and I had some things figured out. She was talking about how everyone should have time for an affair with their art. In terms where when someone is having an affair, he/she can do anything to have time with that person. They don't have to eat, they will leave their families, they will do their work faster so they can get out of work earlier so they can have time for an affair. So why we can't make that time for our art or the things we love doing, even if it's only 15 minutes a day?

➼ Have alone time with your art! She advises to go somewhere, to sneak in, to lie to everyone about where are you going so you can have alone time with your art. I loved every single word in that chapter. We often wait for something to happen so we can make time to do the things we love. We wait to get a rise, to be happier, healthier, to have more time for it. And the truth is, you can always find the time for the things you love! You need to find time to do what you love no matter what your conditions are. ➼ Stop putting yourself to tests! What I also love about this book is that it says you should never condition yourself when it comes to your art. If what I'm doing isn't bringing me dollar bills I should stop doing it. That's what I used to think and that's so damn stupid. It doesn't mean that what you are doing is bad or not worth it. It's killing your creativity! You should do what you love and that's what should be your priority always. There are so many jobs you can do which can pay your bills. There's no point in questioning your art, you should just keep doing it. You can't be amazing at the beginning or if you are constantly questioning yourself or if you are putting yourself to tests. Even if at some point people like what you do it doesn't have to mean they will love what you do forever, because we change all the time and people’s needs change so there's no point of doing something to please others. -➼ Stay disciplined! You should be happy with your work and you shouldn't stop doing it, because you won't see any progress if you aren't doing it. Just like I read somewhere, creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. You should be disciplined with everything you do, if you lose that discipline you'll stop doing it (obviously) and it will be hard to go back on track. It's going to be even harder to make a progress. If you like what you do then, keep doing it. It doesn't matter if everyone else thinks it's not good enough. ➼ Do what you love and enjoy the journey! I know this may sound corny, but it is so freakin' true. If you want to put your time into something, you must love it, but really really really love it. Because it's going to be hard, boring and exhausting. When it comes to it, you'll know why you started and you'll keep doing it. So tell me, how do you nourish your creativity? What kind of a relationship do you have with your art?