I always wanted to be like French girls. Not to care too much about my makeup and hair and to always be effortlessly chic. The thing is I always loved to get ready and dress up. I can't imagine not caring about my makeup or clothes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a human and I have days like this, but I genuinely enjoy getting ready and dressing up.
What crosses your mind when you think about the French girls and their style? For me, those are striped shirts and blouses, name it and they have it. They invented trench coats and layering. They don't wear a lot of makeup but they always have a lipstick on. The thing I love the most about them is that they know how to make cheap clothes looks expensive.

I love their effortless philosophy. For me, it represents that we should all take care of ourselves and then dress up. They don't wear a lot of makeup and their skin is healthy and glowy. They don't want to stand out too much with the clothes because they are fine with their basic style. I think their philosophy is all about the balance. When you think about it, beauty is in the balance. Everything is where it should be!

So, I wanted to dress like a French girl. Of course that I choose to wear a striped blouse! You can't go any more French than that, right? For me, the perfect 'French' combo for me are a striped blouse, classic jeans, and ballerinas. I had to pull off that effortless hair look, these waves are two days old so I guess they are effortless enough for a French girl. :D

I had to go with my full makeup routine, I love doing my makeup!

I love the cult of French girls, but I'm not the one. I love scrolling my feed and watching all the girls with minimalistic, french style. But, I'm not the one, I love experimenting with clothes. What about you? What do you think about French style, do you have any striped shirts or trench coat in your closet?

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Blouse - Vintage; Jeans - Vintage; Loafers - Flattered; Bag - Picard; Necklace - Amorrae; Sunglasses - Eyesoflolam; Watch - Mockberg; Bracelets - The Peach Box; Earrings - Jane Konig; 
Photography: Ruzica Vukosavljevic