Ana is 22 years old located in Belgrade, Serbia. She is a student of Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. She is creative type and she is constantly thinking about how to bring better and different content. Ana is very positive and enthusiastic, she is crazy about chocolate and sweets. The most important thing about her is that you will never see her without lipstick. Give her the right lipstick & shoes and she will conquer the world!
Beauty stuff by Ana was founded in 2012 by Ana Vukosavljevic when she started her online journey. She was sharing her battle with acne until 2015. As she was growing her interests were changing. Ana was always passionate about fashion so she decided it's time to start blogging about it. She is telling stories and sharing her personal style on Beauty stuff by Ana. Along with fashion and beauty related posts, Ana is sharing blogging tips and tricks. With all that said she offers fun, unique and interesting content.