In constant hustle we often forget to think about ourselves! Can  you remember when was the last time you had the day off just for yourself? I can't! We are constantly on a hunt for something, accomplishing our goals. Sometimes we really need to slow down. Remember all of those burn outs you had, it means you need time to chill off. When I have days like that I often manage to make myself freak out how I'm completely failing because im not working or studying. I really hate that feeling of losing control and just doing nothing. But, we all need that time off. 

So, last weekend I decided to have a day off with my partner in crime, Jelena (MojNeseser). It included massages, food and a lot of sweets!

Our first stop was Thai Spa. This place looks amazing! I didn't know about it until Jelena recommend it to me. They welcomed us so nicely with a cup of tea, as a massage preparation. We chit-chated about which one we wanted. We both decided to go with the one with aromatic oils. I changed my clothes and went into the room. Atmosphere was so calming and peaceful. It lasted for an hour or more. I forgot about the time, I was lost in space! Massage was calming and painful from time to time, she found spots that hurt and were caused by me sitting too much. In the end I fall asleep, it was so funny!

After massages our next stop was Red Bread. We needed food! This place is so cute and retro. It reminded me of american fast food but in a nicer way. Food was delicious, but they were quit unpleasent to us, for no reason. Too bad, place was so promising. Brownies were really good though. :D The rest of the day we spent chilling and it was totally worth it!

If you want to pamper yourself you don't need to go to spa. You just need to take one day off. Plan your whole day. Do things that you love the most! Remember, don't overwork yourself, no need for a rush. Go shopping, see a movie alone, treat yourself with your favourite dessert! Bring it home with you. Put some music on, drink some wine, have a lovely bubble bath. Make sure to have a sheet mask on your face while relaxing in the tub. When was your last bubble bath (I know, I can't remember it either!)? Do your nails, forget about the work, just pamper yourself. We all need it from time to time. 

Thai Spa Belgrade

Dress - Zaful

Photography: Jelena (Moj Neseser)