If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen the part of the story that followed this shooting. Now’s the time for me to tell you what actually happened. Jelena and I met at our usual place, that we have a habit of caling our office (Coffee Room Palace). We had our coffee and I changed into these pumps that are so hard to walk in, trust me, I have a lot of shoes and these are the most uncomfortable to walk in.

We found our spot and we started shooting, I mean we tried, but the camera didn't cooperated because the memory card was missing! She left me on the street to wait for her while she went back to the cafe to find it. After a while she came back, but without the SD card, haha. We started looking for camera shops, still it was Saturday and nothing was open. We tried in few stores, third time we got lucky and found it! At that point we started struggling with time and daylight.

On the way back to our shooting spot we saw Mandarina Cake shop and we immediatly agreed to stop by and grab our much needed dose of sugar. We had a lot of stress to handle that day and almost forgot why we met in the first place. After that we quickly finished our cakes and took some photos. Chocolate and memory card saved the day in the best possible way!

Now about the outfit, star of the show was this unique skirt which is about 20 or 30 years old. It was my grandma’s and now it belongs to me.

The other day I was going through her closet and I found this piece. It was designed by Mirjana Marić, famous ex-yu fashion designer who was known for her unique pieces. She was very in back then. Quality of the skirt is amazing. Don't ever throw vintage clothes without looking at them! Style is classic A line with very interesting buttons, this style never goes out of fashion. It's navy blue even though it looks black in the photos. I paired it with this cute sweater that’s maybe too chunky for this type of skirt, but I like how it turned out. Shades on the sweater match the colour of the skirt and the bag perfectly. Pink shoes make the whole look come to life. Yeah, I had to wear some pink on my lips and nails as well. After a long time I actually have colour on my nails! Sounds so crazy as I used to wear so much colour on my nails and I somehow became a neutral shades person, but not forever for sure. What do you think about the outfit?
Sweater - St Geroge
Skirt - Mirjana Marić
Heels - Pink Basis
Bag - Accessorize
Watch - Mockberg

Photography: Jelena Đukić (Moj Neseser)