These days I'm obsessed with ruffles! They have been a big trend for a while. You could’ve seen them on runways at Paris, New York, Milan and London. They are a statement piece. You can pull them off on daily basis, but you can wear them on special occasions as well. They add drama to every look.
I guess I'm late to the party with this one because I’ve only recently fallen in love with them. They were big this summer, but, for some reason I wasn't much into them. No biggie, cause I'm crazy about them now, so I decided to give you a few suggestions on how to wear them.
If you're looking to add something new to your wardrobe, your secret weapon is ruffle!
Let the ruffled piece be the focal point of your look and wear it with the basics you already have.

They are fun & retro and you need to give them a try!

Everyday Ruffles
You can easily pull them off on a daily basis. As I said, let the ruffles be the focal point of your look. So, first you need to decide whether you are going with ruffled top or jeans. If it's the top, you’ll need a cozy sweater with big chunky ruffle sleeves (you could see me wearing it here) and pair it with jeans, skirt or tights.
You can wear a dress as well, I saw that you really liked this one so don't forget to check it out! You can wear them with ankle boots, flats or oxfords, they are so easy to style. Don't forget that ruffles are a statement piece so keep it minimal with jewelry. Throw on some tiny earrings, rings and a watch and you are ready!
Glam Ruffles
Today’s outfit is definitely the glam one. You can wear it to a fancy dinner, cocktail or party. You can never go wrong with ruffles and you can never have too many of them. That’s why I decided to pair this ruffled skirt with a ruffled top, and they work great together. This is a good example on how ruffles can go well together. Great thing is that you can wear them separately. Wear this blouse with jeans or cigarette pants, it's a perfect combination for work or uni (if that’s your style, remember: You can never be overdressed!)
Don't forget, less is more with ruffles! Keep your jewelry minimal.
Always have fun with fashion, dress to entertain yourself!


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Photography: Jelena Đukić