I started my blog because I had a problem with acne and I wanted to share my experience so I can help other people who are battling with the same problem as me. After that, I started writing about makeup as well. I always wanted to have a fashion blog, but I thought I couldn't, because I didn't have enough clothes for posting outfits on daily/weekly basis.

Then I had a pause that lasted for almost one year, when I posted 15 posts max. I had a some sort of a block and writing beauty posts didn't satisfy me anymore. It felt like everything is the same, I found it a bit boring to always write about the same stuff and to write using the words like textures and shades. I came to a conclusion that beauty isn't what I was aiming for. I needed something else, then back in 2015 I saw that what I wanted to do is fashion! I was always into it.
That was the time I decided I want to do it, no matter what. So I decided to write this post to encourage you if you are feeling the same! You want to create a fashion blog but you are not sure you have enough clothes for it or that can you pull it of.


#1 If you want it, you can have it!

This is the most important one. You need to believe that you can and you will do it. Trust me, you just need to want it badly! Outfits will come to you. You can make a lot of outftis with same clothes looking different, you just need to be creative. Sometimes it will be hard, but when you make it you will be so happy!

#2 Go to the thrift shops.

I mentioned this before, second hand shops are everything. If you are on a budget or if you love finding unique and vintage pieces, this is place for you. I found so many beautiful things there and they are too cheap. There you can find some basics which are made from really good materials and inexpensive.

#3 You need basics.

Basic top, shirts, coats,skirts.. Go with black, white and grey. There are so many options with them, just be creative and don't forget to have fun! You can create very different outfits with those basic pieces, if you don't know how you can find some inspiration on Pinterest or Tumblr.

#4 Apply for Fashion Blogger Programs.

If you are struggling with lack of clothes, there is a bunch of sites that offer fashion blogger programs where they send you clothes in exchange for reviews. But remember, review doesn't mean that you have to take photos of that blouse and to wirte just about it. I personally don't like to see posts named "Review: Romwe Blouse", you don't have to do that. You can name it how you want, you can have a whole outfit in there, all you have to do is to put a banner on your blog and at the end of the post add link to that product. If they want you to make a wish list post, that doesn't have to mean you have to name your post like that. You can shoot an outfit post and at the end of it you can make suggestions for your readers how to style it in a similiar way with all unique links. Remember, that at the end of the day, your blog represents you and it needs to look very nice and pleasent. You don't have to do everything they ask for. About the sites, there are plenty of them, such as: Romwe, SheIn, Zaful, Rosegal..

#5 Collaborate with other bloggers.

At first everything can seem hard. Best you can find a mate who can help you with everything. From taking pictures to giving advices about blogging and last, but not least to have a great friend who shares same interests like you do. I already writed about this topic, you can read it here.

#6 Make sure to have cool shots.

As I said in the note before this one, you can find blogger friend who will take zour shots. Or you can find an amateur photographer who is willing to shoot you in exchange of you promoting him (if you are not into paying for it).

Don't forget to enjoy the whole proccess! Fashion is all about having fun!
Fashion is all about having fun!


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Photography: Jelena Đukić