Today I wanted to chitchat with you about this year, I wanted to review it all together. As it’s nearly coming to an end I wished to recap it with you. Usually I find these type of posts a bit boring, because everyone is putting almost everything they did in one post, and most of the time pictures of all of the events are included. I will try to make it interesting and interractive.

I remember when I published my blog goals in January this year. One of the things that I wanted the most was to start having more outfit posts and to post more frequently. Can you believe that in this year I published 105 posts (and still counting)? That was the most posts I ever had in one year, from when I started blogging. The best thing is that most of them were indeed outfit posts! I'm sooo proud of myself, I could never believe that I will come so far. From just thinking to being more active and posting more outfits, to this. I'm talking like I won some fashion award, haha. But, I never thought I could actually achieve it. It's always scary when you are just starting out. But, as they say, the first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself. So, I made it!! I mean, I still have a lot to learn, but when you know you can, everything is so much easier. You just need to want something so badly and every door is going to open for you. That's one quote I live by!

This year I actually started making some real money from blogging. When you start to take blogging and your blog work seriously it's just the matter of time when someone is going to notice you. So, just be consistent, produce high quality content and stay true to yourself!

I mentioned few times how blog brought some amazing people in my life, just remember our old fantastic four Zlatana, Tijana, Jelena (Moj Neseser) and me. It's so much easier when you have someone who belongs to 'your world' and who can completely understand you.
This year I’ve found a best blogger mate eever! We met at the end of the 2015 at Metropoliten Beauty Blog Awards and from that time we are inseparable! We immediatly started taking shots of each other and hangging out super often, like super often. You know that feeling when you just click with someone? Well, that was it. The best part is that we grew so much together. Just check our feeds from January till now. In case you didn't know who I'm talking about. It's Jelena from Beautyfineprint blog, trendsetter, master of online shopping, History of Art student and the most positive person in the world I know.

This year was very challenging for me. It's crazy how you can change in just 365 days. I learned to appreciate myself and what I do. I gained more confidence, I became determined about what I want in my life. I became more positive, I don't know if that was Jelena’s influence, or just growing older and knowing that you need to be grateful and positive.

Besides the world of blogging, It was for sure a crazy one! Some friends got out of my life, some came back, or just poped in. I fell in love, and my heart was broken! It's just the circle of life, that goes on and on. And I couldn't be happier for everything that I have and for all experiences that 2016 brought to me. 
I can happily wave to this one and start making goals for 2017. :D But that will have to wait for another post.

That would be all, I hope you enjoyed!

Photography: Jelena Đukić