When you want to build a house, first thing that you need is a good base. When it comes to clothes - it's the same. If you want to develop your style, you need to start with something. That something is your base. With good basics, you can create as many outfits as you want, and they won't look similar. After that you'll have space to experiment with other pieces.
We will talk about basics in everyday outfits.

#1 Basic shirts or blouses.
You'll need a black and white one, for sure. Everything else is optional. You can go for basic shirts or blouses. Remember that stripes are always a good idea. You can style them very easily. Just throw on some necklace or a scarve, put on a jacket or blazer, and you’re ready! Simple, but effective.

#2 Denim is your best friend!
It literally is! First thing you need is pair of jeans. Try to find the best fit, what works the best for you, it's doesn’t necessarily need to be a skinny fit. Experiment and go with universal denim wash, not too blue or black.
After that, your next hit could be denim shirt or denim jacket. They can go with everything, so they are worth it. If you are on a budget, my advice is to trift shopping. I found mine for a ridiculous price and quality is amazing!

#3 Everyday black bag.
Colorful bags are very popular now. That's fine, I love them as well. But! You need one that goes with everything, for school or work. The best deal would be to have bigger and smaller one, so depending on occasion, you can switch it. When you are buying. always make sure to check if the handles are strengthened (if you’re going to school or work, you’ll have a lot of things with you).

#4 Leather jacket.
I don't have to talk about this too much. Timeless piece, goes with everything. Be smart with the color, my advice is to go with the black, brown or beige. Go with the real leather, it's going to last you for ages!

#5 Sweater.
You need few of them. Again, be smart with the colors, go with neutrals and choose different textures. You can wear them alone or with blouse underneath.

#6 Pencil skirt.
Beside jeans, one black pencil skirt is a must! You can wear it with heels or flats, it goes with the rest really well.

#7 Accessorize it!
Last, but not least, are accessorizes. You can go crazy with them! Statement necklaces, chokers, scarves, bracelets, rings, whatever you prefer more! Watch is a must, not only because it's accessorize – it’s convenient to know the time. Haha, sounds silly. Seriously, few times it happened to me that my phone battery went off and I had to ask people what time is it. After that, watch became an essential.

My fashion formula is:

1 basic (jeans, pencil skirt, basic top) + 1 interesting piece (color, pattern, texture, shine)+ 1 connecting piece (jacket, cardigan) + 1 accesory

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Photography: Jelena Milosavljević