Can you believe that New Year's eve is this weekend? I can't! I hate this cliche, but it truly flew by so fast! Today I wanted to share with you few advices when it comes to makeup and outfits for New Year’s.

Let's get started immediatly!

Make up
When it comes to make up, you are allowed to go crazy! Put on some glitter yo, pigments are a must have! Play with colors, go with the unusual ones, it’s only once a year. Make sure you know what you are doing, which means, you’ve tested the look before. 
I guess you already know, but I will say it just in case. When your makeup need to stay put all night first thing you need is a primer. Because you want that makeup to last long, primer is a must if you have oily skin like me. It will even the surface, mattify it and make sure that your skin don't eat your foundation (my skin looves to do that). Silicone based are always a good idea, but if you don't have money or you would love to try it, grab an after shave from your boyfriend, and if it's a Nivea one, you got it covered! 
Okay, so you need a primer for your face and a primer for your eyelids. You can use concelear or a cream matte eyeshadow as a primer, whatever you like the most. At the end you need to fix your makeup, with translucent powder!
Don't forget it's New Year eve, so take a risk. Go for that smoke eye, winged eyeliner and red lips. Or take a chance  with glitter and pigments, you will love it!

There is a milion options. You can go with safe ones, such as little black dress or you can go bold with mettalic skirt or top. Just remember all the best trends for winter 2016 and you will rock the party! Ruffles are always a great idea, velvet goes with everything and leopard print is loud and proud, just go with the flow. Don't forget that it is okay to go with the safe option as long as you feel beautiful! 
Don't reveal too much, It's very important to pick clothes that suits your body. 

At the end, don't forget to have your beauty sleep and to put yourself in a good mood. These are a must for having great time.  And also don’t forget  to have a lot of fun! Happy holidays everyone!

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Photography: Jelena Đukić