We all know how much social media affects our lives. If you are a blogger or someone who spends hours & hours on social media, it's really easy to get addicted without even realizing it. So today I wanted to talk about how not to let social media take control of your life, not just social media but your phone. You need to get in control of it and not let social media control your moves. I know it sounds silly but it truly is like that.
My "enlightenment" started few months ago when i first turned off notifications for my Instagram account. It was interfering with my normal activities. When I publish a photo and my phone is constantly telling me about the likes and comments, so I decided to turn it off. It was really hard at the beginning as you really get addicted and you have a need to know who’s liking your stuff every minute. After some time it became normal, now I don't mind it at all. 
As you could tell, I was absent from my blog for almost two weeks. I had to take a break to study for my exams. I was really battling with my phone. When it was in my hand I couldn't stop myself from checking Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp or Pinterest. First thing I decided to do, is to keep my phone really far away from me. Now, I leave it in my bedroom when I'm studying or working, it really helps to be more focused and productive. Next thing I did was turning notifications off for Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp and oh my, what a relief! Then I realized how I took control of my phone and not vice versa. It's so much easier! 
I think everyone should do it, because there wouldn't be unpleasant pauses when you are talking to someone and suddenly other side is watching at his/hers phone because someone messeged them or  they’ve got an Instagram notification.
It's very important for all of us to separate real from online life. Go out, have fun with your friends, listen to what they have to say, love them and take care of them! Put down your phone and pick up your life.
Turn off your notifications and turn on your life!

Sweater - Dresslink; Skirt - DressLily; Jacket - Rosewholesale; Chokers - Zara; Boots - Stradivarius; Backpack - Zaful; Sunglasses - Diffeyewear;

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Photography: Jelena Milosavljević (Beautyfineprint)