Today I wanted to talk to you about my Book of Inspiration. When you have it by your side there is no such thing as lack of it! A Book of Inspiration is a book where I write all the posts that I’ve read on the internet and that I found interesting, as well as quotes that I loved. It helps me come up with ideas about things to write. It's so handy.  When I want to write something I always go through it and it’s a really long list, just like the book itself. When I read through it I always get inspired. But if you are a tidy perfectionist, prepare for a mess.
Besides posts I loved, I also write about my ideas and I make plans for future posts.  Not always, though. 

 I don’t always have an exact plan for writing posts, but my Book of Inspiration keeps me on track, so I can kind of have a plan about what I want to write. From fashion, blogging to personal development. I just loove it! I'm not really a morning person (prepare for Monday blues posts) so I get all the glitz and excitement when I work at night. This is some kind of a relaxing ritual for me. I make coffee, turn on some music and start exploring. After that, a wave of inspiration comes towards me and it lasts for few days. That's the time when I start writing my future posts. Of course, this is not always the case. 

Sometimes, I don't do it and I just go with the flow. The thing is I don't want to write just so I can publish a post, I want to add value to everything, I want to offer you something worthy, always. I feel pretty bad when I just publish an outfit post for example and just write about what I wore, without some tips or tricks. That's something that has to do with my personality. I always want to do something more, to offer more. Not to be the girl who just shows what she was wearing. I get bored when I do that. But, hey, sometimes the exact thing happens. That's the time when I start questioning myself and afterwards I start producing more and more. I guess these are all just the phases of my creative process. 

I read a book called 'Steal like an artist' from Austion Kleon ( here it is in PDF ).  It's really helpful. It's everything you already know, but it's different when you hear it from someone else. It comes with cool drawings and schemes. I love the part when he said that an artist is a collector and we collect ideas. So all we need is to find a favorite artist and study all of their work and after that draw inspiration from his or her favorites. On and on. And one of the most important ones is "Don't wait until you find out who you are to make things". Through the whole process we are learning who we are and what we love. So, I’m not trying to review the book, I just wanted to say you should find one blogger or creator whom you love and start reading all about their work, about the work of other people they admire and respect. That's how you get to know something about the topic you want to write about and in this way you will produce it in your own way and style. At the end we are all stealing from someone and by that I don’t mean  copying, I just mean it in terms of inspiration and exploring. We saw it somewhere and we subconsciously got a hold of it. So start exploring, through internet, books, magazines, potential inspiration is everywhere!

So all you need is:
- Some fancy book, preferably a big one!
- You need time for it. Make a ritual out of it, like me and don't rush you should enjoy it!
- Write down everything you loved! Not just the titles, but everything you found interesting and helpful. I tend to write three or four pages. I really enjoy reading it. I lift myself up and fill myself with inspiration and desire to write!
- Enjoy the waves of inspiration and start writing posts!

What's your story? Where do you find inspiration?

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