I'm writing this post quite unsure of what it is going to look like. I want to write something personal and informative, but not (too) boring. I could name this post Life Lately, but I really hate that title, because you immediatly know it's going to be boring. 😀 Just so you know, it won't!

I wanted to share with you what is going on in my life. I got a feeling that I'm always writing and not actually saying so much about me. So I decided to write a post that's a bit more personal. I really hope you are going to like it.

First things first, I will start with some lovely beauty news.
Last week I attended a Urban Decay party because it's coming to Sephora Serbia in February. I'm so happy I was there. I'm emotinally attached to this brand (of course it's because of the Naked pallette). It was my first pricey pallete I I've ever bought with my own money four or five years ago in Italy. So yeah, I was so happy when I heard UD is coming to Belgrade. From now on we as well can enjoy all the new products and only crave for them when watching other YouTubers and bloggers.

Two days ago I went to Chloe event. We had a chance to meet the new Love Story EDP parfume. Three years ago the original one was launched and I loved it! I still keep the bottle because they ingraved my names on it! I love everything about this parfume. From commercial, packaging to a scent! I'm a type of person who loves sweet parfumes and I'm not big or a fan of fruity ones. But now when I've compared them, original one is more fresh then the new one. I think I like the old one a little bit more. That's funny because the new one is more juicer and sweeter in vanila way 😀

Lately, I've been obsessed with blogger books. I've got a few of them and I'm still making lists of which ones I want. I loved how Aimee Song in Capture Your Style told us all of her advices on how to rock phone photography. There is a bunch of advices and I think everyone should read them. They are a good base for everything. I mean look at her feed, it's so freaking good! And most of the time she captures it only by phone. She is the master of Iphone photography. In the book she is showing how she edit her photos, how to take shots of food, selfies, jewelry and outfis when you are all alone and you need to ask strangers to take them. You should definitely check this book. Im still struggling with my Insta feed, trying to make it matchy and trying to think in twelve, I hope I will be there one day. 😀

The second one I'm crazy about is #GirlBoss from Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal. I'm really not into all that fuss #girlboss or a feminist thing nor is this book about it. It's really inspiring! This is not a book which is going to tell you how to become a milionare. This book is going to encourage you to be who you truly are, to embrace your weirdness and use it to stand out from others. I love her way of thinking and I agree with everything she said. It comes with cute illustrations and quotes. I only wish pages in the book were from greasy paper.

These days I'm totally obsessed with incense sticks. It's all Jelena's fault! Every time we hang out, we put some music on a record player, light up some incense stick, make coffee and eat tortilla chips with our famouse sauce. Now, I'm collecting and trying out new scents. So far, my favourites are Vanilla and cinnamon, although everyone in my house is hating on me because of them, ha ha #sorrynotsorry. Tell me in the comments if you have any recommendations for the scents.

One more thing worth mentioning is Mixa hyaluron gel cream. As you all know my skin is oily, very often dehydrated and it's acne prone. So I always struggle to find the right fit. These days I'm enjoying this Mixa one. My face feels hydrated, soft and genuenly nice. There isn't that unpleasent tightening like with the most creams for oily skin. And I didn't get any pimples. So, all recommendations for it. Yes, I know. I should do post with my skin care 😀 I did one really long time ago.

My life is pretty boring lately. I had January exams and now I'm having one week break, where I actually get out of the house. 😀 Next week I need to start studying for another exam period, but this one is going to be much shorter (thank god). After that everything will be much easier because second semmester will start.
Either way, there will be a bunch of content on the blog. Still trying to post on a regular basis, even though I failed a bit in January. When I establish a regular monthly plan for blog, which I hope will be very soon, I will try to film for YouTube.

That was it, I hope I didn't forgot anything and that I wasn't boring. Have a lovely weekend!