In case you didn't know, blush pink is going to be one of the top trends this spring and I'm super excited about that! I love pink! Back in the days when I was younger and didn't know anything about fashion I use to wear all pink everything. From shirt to makeup, earrings and rubber bands in my hair. I was a silly girl. Then there was a time when I didn't wear pink at all and here I am today, loving pink again. I got back to basics, but in a better, smarter & modern way.

 I think you should consider blush pink  a nude shade. It can go with everything, literally! It can fit any style, from super girly to urban & cool. It's important not to go crazy with pink like me back in the days. You can choose one center piece and then mix it, or you can take a risk like me and combine two of them, or maybe three (remember, keep it light). I picked this outfit in a rush and it turned out amazing. I love how this elegant blazer goes with jeans and these pinky Cinderella shoes. Usually I wouldn't mix two colors with different tones, but this is a match! The point is to always take risks! Just like I matched embroidery on sleeves with my bag.

How to wear it:
 Mix pink with light neutrals! If you have a fair complexion, this is going to work for you so well. Mix it with nude, white or grey. You can add a gold jewelry to it to spice it up!
 Combine pink with black! Blush pink softens the black and if you love high contrasts you will love this one. It's very important to choose the right shade of pink when you are combining it with the black. You don't want pink that’s too cold because it's going to make you look tired. I'm always for warmer pink, but it's up to you to decide.
 Get yourself a coat in blush pink! If you are more on a cool side, go get a bomber jacket. It's a statement piece that's easy to style. I think it gives your personality and your look a whole new dimension. You are more approachable, feminine, fresher and glowing! 
 Accesorize it in pink! Whether it’s a bag, necklace or earrings it's all up to you!
 Mix it with denim. Denim goes perfectly with everything and this is a great choice for everyday look.
 ➳ Wear it however you want! Forget about the rules, sometimes it's all about taking risks. With these tips I just wanted to give you some ideas on how to wear it.

Photos: Jelena (Beautyfineprint)
Artwork by me.