I was never a big fan of a houndstooth pattern. It was always there, but I didn't really cared so much about it, because it can look a bit granny, in a bad way. But if you style it right, it can look fabulous. Many years later, love happened. When I saw this coat, I was out of my mind. I fell in love with it immediately!

I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with houndstooth pattern. It never gets old, it's a classic. It's very elegant and chic. It was always too much for me to work with, I didn't know how. But today I know and if you aren't a big fan of it, maybe I will change your mind with my tips. So keep reading.
When looking from a distance, houndstooth looks like woolen tweed. If you look closer you can see a different pattern and fabric. Tweed has a checkered pattern that is distinctive through the touch, houndstooth motif is smooth, two-toned pattern of broken or jagged check.
It's very funny how at the time when it was invented, houndstooth was worn as an outer garment by the shepards, and many years later you have it as a sign of wealth and influence.
Classic houndstooth comes in black and white, but there are many options.

As I said above, I fell in love with this coat. I love how it has houndstooth pattern but very modified as checkered details are bigger and smaller and there is a red line through the whole coat. It makes it fun, different and interesting! We always aim for that, right?
So, I wanted to talk about how to style it, effortlessly but with a big effect. Just like my outfit. It's quite simple, but very effective.
If you decide to go with coat like this, you can do the same thing as I did. Grab your jeans and red turtle neck. Black bag, with red detailing and red nails, you got it! With these glasses,  you get some retro vibes. Or you can go with the red  A line skirt, black turtleneck, over the knee boots or ankle boots and there you go. There are so many options, don't be afraid to play with the clothes!

About the classic houndstooth pattern, here are few advices on how to wear it or style it :
If you choose a coat, don't forget to add a bit color to it! It can be a scarf, bag or some interesting shoes.
Go with the houndstooth pattern in color, but remember to keep everything else minimal! And please don't go with neon colors, it can look very cheap and no one wants that.
Mixing patterns and textures is very popular now, so you can try it. Remember, graphic prints are easy to combine. That’s why stripes for example (as well with the houndstooth pattern) go with everything! You can mix it with other graphic prints or try it with more complex or organic, such as floral or animal print. It's going to be risky, especially if you are new to mixing prints. But you know what they say, risk it to get the biscuit!
Wear houndstooth pants, but the cigarette ones. They are such a classic and they go with everything. With them, throw on a black or white blouse, black oxford shoes, put on a beret and you got it! Tres chic!

How about you? Do you like to wear houndstooth print and how do you wear it?

Turtleneck - Vintage; Jeans - Stradivarius; Coat - Zaful; Rings & Earrings - PD Paola; Frame - Tijn Eyewear;
Photos: Jelena (Beautyfineprint)