These days I'm thinking about this topic so much that I needed to share it with you. We live in such a modern world, where everything and anything is available and freedom is given to you but yet we choose to live in a prison. Not literally, but more like close minded. Look at the fashion, we have one type of a style for girl where she is considered to be cool and everyone is wearing it. Ripped jeans, bomber jacket, choker, fishnet & too much  make up, even if that type of  eyeliner doesn't fit her, or that shade of  lipstick, but that's 'on trend''. I'm not saying that I'm not wearing any of those. I do, but I'm not wearing it because it's cool but because I like it and I can incorporate that into my style. I don't like it when you need to wear certain clothes or makeup to be accepted or to be a bad ass girl. That is going on right now, even though we are aware of it.
 We need to be more open minded, to think outside the box and see the bigger picture. Today everyone is trying so hard to be something they aren't and that's why we see a bunch of girls dressed like an army, they are all the same. I don't want to go too deep into this. The point is you have to work on yourself constantly and not to be afraid to be yourself. I know it sounds too cheesy, but people will always like you because of you, if you are fake they will know it. It's okay to be different! That's the way you are going to stand out from the crowd.

Same goes for the blogging world, if you want to be successful I think that you need to be different (aka yourself)! I'm sure world is overwhelmed with the same uniformed girl. You need to learn to say no and to stay true to yourself. This one sounds cheesy as well, but I see a lot of bloggers who says this and then go and promote stuff that everyone is promoting and are such a big cliches for example: vitamins for your hair, tea for losing weight or washing powder and you are a fashion blogger. You need to think  long term and to ask yourself if that’s what your blog is about, is that representing you, are you standing behind that? I'm not calling out anyone, I'm just saying what is on my mind and how I see it. For me this is my little baby and it's representing me all the way, from the way I talk, think, dress, interact with other people and write. I understand that there are blog & entrepreneurs who are more on commercial side and there are in it just for the money. I don't want to be that person. I think that quality will always stand out from the crowd, even though it can take some time, but you always know why you started and that's what is going to lead you always.

Don't forget:
No one can be you, you are one of a kind.
That's the only way you'll make it!
Learn to say no, stay true to yourself, always and forever, no matter how much $$$ they offer you. Money will disappear, shame will stay.
Don't listen to others, trust yourself!
Don't compare yourself to others.
Work on yourself!

Stay humble and be kind.