I'm pretty sure we are all struggling with this from time to time in one way or another. I'm definitely one of people who do it often. Not in a way, that I can't do things, just that I think about certain things too much. I'm a kind a person that likes to analyze everything from psychologial aspect: why is someone acting like they are, whats the background behind the whole story etc... Same goes for analyzing myself. I will go deep in everything even if there's no need for it. Sometimes it's really killing me. It's making me feel insecure. Imagine you are doing alright and you are subconsiously making yourself feel like you have some problem going on and you are over analyzing everything. It's going that far that you are feeling bad, but you don't know why or what you did to make that happen, because everything is just fine. Sounds a bit confusing but I hope you get what I want to say.
The reason I wanted to share it with you is because I found a few ways to deal with it, so I wanted to share it.
Talk about it! Support system is everything.
You need to talk about it! Your sister, brother, friend, boyfriend, anyone who you trust 100% and who's opinion matters to you. I don't think just to mention it, but to talk about it for real. Say what is bothering you, what are you overanalyzing, ask them if there's really any need for it. It helps so much. I like to talk about it with my sister or boyfriend and I always feel so much better after that. Write it down. After talkin about it, I like to write things down in terms of letting them go. Write about how you feel and whats bothering you. Next thing I would do is write a list of things I'm grateful for, from big to little things. Everything. I know all of this sounds silly and maybe cheesy, but it really works. I feel so much better after it. You need to let it go. I mean it, you really do. As I'm writing this, I'm telling it to myself as well. Over analyzing things won't help you in any way. You can't change situation that has happened and it won't help you by over analyzing it. In general, overanalyzing will destroy you and won't help you by any mean. You must control your thoughts. This one is very close to the one above. You need to learn to control your thoughts. To tell yourself you will let it go the same moment it gets on your mind to start analyzing things. It's just a matter of practice. It's about putting yourself in a situation that is uncertain and being fine with it. That leads us to a next step. You can't predict future and that's fine. All of overanalyzing and questioning yourself is because of fear of uncertain and unkown or because of what other people may think. You need to learn to live in a moment, to let go of all of the If's and analyzing things. Let go of the worries and train yourself to think positive. Stay positive
Controling your thoughts and staying positive Is I think the most important thing of all. Controlling your thought is some kind of habbit, you just get use to it. At first it is hard, but it gets easier and it doesn't mean you don't care about something or someone if you don't overanalyze it. Remember that!

How are you dealing with it? What are your tips? Please leave them in comments!

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