Time flies! It's already May which means summer is around the corner. That's why I decided to share with you my favourite trends for it. If you were following any show from SS 17 you could see that there was so much going on and I love it! Forget about less is more, because this season it's all about more is more. It's more than ever important to express yourself and to be who you really are.
It makes me so so sad when I see that even then people decide to stay uniformed and to blindly follow everything that's on trend. On the other hand, I'm so happy that fashion industry is pushing their limits and encouraging differences.
I'm loving these trends for summer as they are very chic and feminine and easy to style. I think three of four are obvious trends for me, but one of them is going to surprise you because it's not the usual type of clothes I would wear.

Statement sleeves and ruffles
You could totally see that this was coming. My first and obvious trend are statement sleeves and ruffles! It's all about adding volume to your arms. From bell sleeves to statement sleeves and ruffles. I'm crazy about them, not only on sleeves, but on dresses and around neck. This is my trend of the year. It makes every outfit stand out a bit more and they are so easy to style. When you are wearing it you don't have to think to much, you barely need any accessory when you are rocking this trend. Give them chance and you are going to love them!

Slogans and logos
 I thought on this trend when I said it's not the most typical one for me. This year thing with logos exploded! You could see Gucci and Dior shirts everywhere. I love that they are so effortless, but still chic. I think they are awesome for everyday casual outfits, when you don't want to think too much about what you want to wear. I love how thing with logos turned out in something else with Dior SS17 show. As always they pushed things on another level and we got the cutest dresses with Dior logos on, with lots of see through and embroidery on it and the shoes that everyone is raving about which are constantly sold out everywhere. For someone this could be too much, but I really like it. Let's forget about Dior on a second, to mention all the t-shirts with cute quotes. Not just t-shirts but jackets, jeans and bags with slogans on it. I think they add a cool vibe to every outfit and as I said above they are perfect for chilled and everyday outfits.

I've totally fallen with this trend. I love that it can be so feminine. There are so many different styles with it, from super chic, boho to modern and urban look. Few years before you could hardly find some good pieces that have embroidery on it and now you can find them literally everywhere. You can wear them on your shoes, bag or bikini. Just think about the piece and you will find it.

This season it's all about reinvention of the classics, as well with this one. There is so much variations with stripes. There are usual ones (black&white, blue&white) as well with the statement ones in lots of colors. You can wear them just as a top, pants, dress or jumpsuit. I told you so, there is so much going on! They are such a classics and they are so easy to style. You can wear them literally with everything. The only thing you should pay more attention is when you are mixing it prints.

What are your favourite trends for summer?