When you are doing something in this industry, which is still in a way "new", It's very likely that no one is going to support you. I was dealing with this for so long. When I first started a blog, I didn't tell anyone about it and when people eventually heard about it they were mocking me or not taking me seriously.
It's normal I know and others that support you always say you shouldn't care. It's so much easier to say that than to actually do it. First of all, I think it's always like that, because people are like that, they will always judge you rather then support you, it's in human nature. Second, when you are in this kind of industry it's like you are doing nothing, or you are just taking photos, you are getting free clothes and makeup for nothing. I heard that a million times. There is so many people that still don't know what a blog is and that it is a job. Just because you don't have proper office doesn't mean you are not working and putting time and effort in it.

In the beginning it's going to be so hard to deal with those people, but eventually you will stop caring. Because you love what you do and that will lead you. And they will support you, I promise that, just when they see it's paying off and you are becoming so serious about it and they will be like wooow, congratulations! By that time, you are probably going to forget about them. But, if you are still in the process, I will try to help you and tell you what I've done when I was dealing with them.

Don't try to explain yourself!!
Never, ever, ever! They don't deserve it. Mostly because they just want to get you down and make you feel bad, because they aren't doing anything with their lives. If they were doing, they would understand you and they wouldn't act like it. Just let them talk and try not to take them seriously. This was hardest one for me, because I wanted to explain myself to everyone. It was so stupid.

➳ Keep doing what you are doing.
You don't get anything from their talk, they won't help you in any way. So, the best thing you can do is to do what you love and you will be happy about it, trust me. Everyone will notice your good work: "friends", family, brands, everyone!

Surround yourself with the people who supports you!
I know everyone says this but this is sooo important. I had that luck that my family always supported me with this, even though my dad dodn't at first really know what is going on, but now he is my number one fan, he is the first one reading my posts.
There is a lot with your attitude, if you put yourself like it's something serious everyone will see it that way. I realized that very late. I was insecure for soo long, I was always waiting for some "confirmation" from someone or something. But that's just stupid. My boyfriend taught me that and it was the trigger when I actually did really stop taking care and started working in a right way. I was amazed how someone can actually understand it and fully support me and that was the time when I started posting on a regular basis with all of my heart. Here I am two years later doing excellent! I'm so grateful for that and I love you Mateo! 😀 It's all part of the process and when you realize how strong you are you will see how they aren't worth of your time.

➳ At the end of the day, not everyone is going to like you or support you.
That's the true, right there. There is so many people that won't like you for this or that and that's totally fine. Not everybody can like you, because people are different. When you filter people that surround you and there isn't any more toxicvpeople, you will be so free, peaceful and happy about what you do. Because you know why you are doing it. There is so many people who supports you and love what you do, so don't worry!

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