Someone would say it's just a basket bag, but it's so much more than that! Every season the fashion world bring is it with a bunch of new trends, some of them we like, some not, but this one we are already loving! They are our most friendly accessories for the summer and spring.

They were around us for more then thousand years.
Everything started with straw bags for food, yes, food! They evolved from gadget for market to super stylish everyday bag! 
We can't talk about this trend, without mentioning Jane Birkin. She is known for wearing it. In '70s they were inseparable for some time, it was her signature look. No matter what occasion was, you couldn't see her without it.

It was a gadget that you would only take with you on a picnic. Rather than basket bags, straw bags was always associated with beach bags and we only had them in classic shape of a tote. But now, there are so many varieties of it. We have straw totes, rattan clutches, wicker baskets and wooden ones.
 It's a rustic accessory. Straw might seem intrinsically non-luxurious, but it's all except that. Opposite from straw bags we have popular wooden bags from Cult gaia, that became super popular in a short period of time. They have unique design and they are keep suprising us with ones! They became a must have for summer and the best thing is you can wear them with all type of outfits, from everyday, beach ones to formal. 

So how picnic bag turned into a must have bag for spring/summer? Who knows! But, one thing is sure, from beach essential, they became our go-to bags that are easy to carry on and super stylish!
What do you think of these bags? Are you going to wear them this summer?
*Photos are from Pinterest, artwork is mine.