Now that I am finished with my exams, I can start sharing my favourite summer outfits! I'm so excited they are finally over so I can start enjoying this weather. 

How it looks your favourite summer outfit? For me it's important to look nice and to be comfortable. I choosed striped pants which are super loose and comfy as well with this lovely white offshoulder blouse. They are a perfect match. I needed to add bandana around my neck because I think it gives it summery vibes. Someone would say it's not a good fit with pants because of it's stripes but they are a perfect match! What's more perfect for summer than mules?? I'm so obsessed with them, because they look nice and they are comfy as hell and they still have a heel! I love wearing heels, I think that everything looks better with them. It's very important to me that I found once that are comfortable.

Let's talk about this bag. I'm pretty sure everyone heard about Cult gaia bags, you can see them everywhere. From fashion blogs, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere! I found mine at my grandmas wardrobe. I was so excited when I found it. I was beyond happy and I couldn't believe that this is so old, it's older than me and it's still in great condition! 
I think it's going to be perfect for casual summer outfits, it's such a unique but go to bag and I think it's totally worth the hype!

Tell me in the comments how it looks your perfect summer outfit?

Watch - Kapten & Son; Bracelet - Paul Hewitt; Mules - Pink Basis;

Photos: Jelena (Beautyfineprint)