Florals for spring (summer) - groundbreaking! I know, but imagine summer without floral pattern. Impossible, right? Florals are all about having fun and embracing the joy romance of summer. They are chic and uber romantic. You will feel like a real lady wearing them! It's simple, they are a must when it comes to spring and summer. They elevate every outfit and you as well. I always feel more happier when I'm wearing it. I was so obsessed with it back in the days, I remember I had three pair of floral jeans in different colors but in the same pattern. Yup, I was too much into floral.

Floral is my trend definitaley, I love it all the way, but not in that crazy way like I used to.
This dress is my jack pot, here ruffles met floral and I knew it this was it! This is the most beautiful dress I have. From it's shape to my favourite trends. It's chic, romantic and vintage at the same time.

If you are struggling how to wear floral this summer, I'm here to help you!
Wear it as accessory!
If you are not that much into this trend, just rock with floral jewelry. Earrings, necklaces or bracelets, it's all up to you!
If you are a brave one, wear it with stripes or gingham.
Wear just one floral piece, don't over do it.
If you want to wear more than one floral piece, remember the key to succeed in matching them is to balance. Each floral piece should complement, not compete.

Let me know in the comments what are your favourite floral pieces and are you going to rock florals for summer!
Dress - Metisu; Mules - Pink Basis; Basket bag - Vintage; Earrings - Jane Konig;

Photography: Mateja Stojanović