You know when you have one dress that may see too much and you just can't figure it out how to wear it? Well, that was the case with this one. I thought It will go amazing with graphic tees and heels. I was so wrong, it was really bad. I struggled so much with styling this dress and in the last minute it cross my mind to pair it with sneakers.
 If you know me, you know that I'm not kind a kick girl. I just don't like to wear them that much. I love wearing shoes, heels and sandals, but kicks are not my thing. I don't think they are too feminine. But, when I saw this pair of sneakers I knew I could wear them. They have classic shape of kicks, but the pattern and material is really nice. It's very trendy and chic. It feels elegant.
When I paired this dress and kicks I knew it was a perfect match. They along together like a dream. I love how fashion constantly evolves and how it's normal to wear night pieces on a day (if you style them correctly). It's a great choice for all fashionistas who are tired of wearing same and boring pieces on a daily basis. It's great choice for everyday, for party or cocktail.

So if you have statement pieces in your wardrobe and you aren't sure on how to style it, here are some tips:
 Don't try too hard it will end as disaster;
 Choose neutral pieces; You have one that it's bold enough so you don't want to exaggerate.
 Try some pieces that you think will never go along with statement one.
Play with it, you will find the perfect one,it's all about how far you go with your experimenting.

Let me know in the comments do you like to wear evening staples during the day and how you style it?

Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic