One trend I couldn't believe I'm going to love so much are statement earrings! I remember when I was in high school I had a thing with wearing big, chunky earrings. I still have boxes with bunch of cheap and big earrings. After that phase, I stopped wearing wearing them and I only wore small ones that were tight to the ear.
Right now I'm crazy about hoops. They were popular back in '90s. To be more exact, we could first see them in disco era back in '60s and '70s. But, they become a thing in '90s. I don't know a person who didn't wear it. The bigger you had, the cooler you were. 

Today they are back in the game and they are hottest trend this season! We have them in different sizes and colors. There is a lot of variations, now they come with different tags and pedants. 
I love them because they are so effortlessly chic! You can wear them always no matter what occasion it is. That's very funny because back in '90s hoops were known as a trashy accessorize, but today they are all except that!

Recently I got my hands on most sophisticated chunky hoops I own. They are from Jane Konig. Since they are a bit unusual. I wanted to share with you how easily you can wear them with different styles. It's very important for you to wear them and not vice versa. I know that may sound odd, but when you are wearing something, it's always up to you how is going to look like. It's the same thing when someone is taking picture of you and you want to show that dress in certain way. It's always about how you interprate it.

➳ When you are wearing chunky hoops, it's very important not to go too crazy with the rest of your accessorizes. You can't have statement earrings and necklace. Keep it minimal.
➳ Don't be afraid of wearing them with elegant clothes!
➳ They go best with monochrome outfits.
Wear them with jeans and white tee, it's a perfect match!

I hope some of these outfits will inspire you to wear them:

Click here to see the whole look
Click here to see the whole look

Do you wear hoops and what is your favourite way of styling them?