As I'm on a vacation now, I decided to share with you what's in my beach bag.  I decided to be minimal and to take with me only things that I really need. This is a quest for womens, because you always might need somethig else.
Let's begin with face products! I'm using LRP Effaclar Duo Unfiant 30spf and I didn't get burnt at all. I was a bit concerned because this was spf 30 and I always used highest ones for my face. I'm already two weeks at the seaside and I didn't get red on my face a single time. I love this cream, it's keeping your face safe and it's mattififyng. At the seaside I'm using it as a protector from the sun, but when I'm home, I love mixing it with Clinique BIY pigment drops. I get decent coverage, skin is mattified and protected from sun. I call it a perfect match! I tried a lot of other sun screenscreens for oily and acne prone skin and so far this is my favourite one!

When it comes to face another product that I looove using on the beach is Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist. This is going to be my product of the year. It become a holy grail already. I must say that I love it a bit more then Vitamin C serum. I'm so suprised how this works wonder for your skin and it's not even cream or serum, it's just a mist! And it's much more affordable then creams and serums. I use it after I get out of the water and wash my face. I spray it few times on my face and then I massage it into face and neck. If it's needed I re-apply my sunscreen. 

I love using Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment on my hair when I'm at the beach. I've never really used a proper sunscreen for my hair, I always used hair masks on the beach. In that way I kept my hair well hydrated. When you are at the sea side, it's very important to wash any salt water from your hair when you get out of the water. Because salt and sun are guilty for drying your hair. This year I decided give my hair a rest and to stop using any blow dryer, hair straightener or curler. I use hair oil properly as well with the masks and my hair looks and feels amazing! It's been around four or five years since I've given my hair a break from any hair dryers or irons.

Last but not least is La Roche Posay Anthelios Body Lotion XL 50 spf. I've always used LRP products for face. This was the first time I tried something for the body and I was very suprised how good their products are. This cream is very light and liquid, but that doesn't affect it's efficient. I think it's great for kids as well. It's not sticky and it doesn't leave any white marks on your body. I must say I was thrilled with their shower oil and body lotion. They are so gentle and pleasent on the skin. Body lotion is the best one I tried in my life. It's super liquid but at the same time, so hydrating. I will write about it on my blog very soon.

What are your necessities for the beach?
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